1. H

    Firefox !!

    My goodness, it's old Firefox's birthday !! Enjoy a naughty old birthday Firefox. Hilary x
  2. H

    It's Firefox's Birthday !!

    My goodness - haven't heard from old Foxy for ages !!! Well, I'll let bygones be bygones and wish you a spiffing great birthday Foxy ! Hilary x
  3. Yalides

    Firefox, Edge, Google etc

    Any opinions on the best browser these days ? Having tried not to use Edge I now find it the fastest and cleanest. Firefox is so slow and drowns you with PUPS, Google is a tracker par excellence. I now use Edge with Duckduckgo as the SE. Speedy, no ads, no collapses.
  4. ted j


    Yesterday I reluctantly reset Firefox as it was running really slow , I did so on the advice from them that all my logins and passwords would not be touched It started up and the first thing I noticed was my toolbar was back to the boring chrome-like icons, I tried to load up the gadget to...
  5. yalimart

    Happy Birthday Firefox

    All the best and have a great day. Martin
  6. L

    Firefox not responding

    I keep getting the message Firefox or Google not responding then my system crashes,any advice welcome.
  7. Struggs

    Firefox not responding

    After about 5mins on the internet, I am continually getting mozilla firefox not responding, slowing my computer right down. This started the 2nd week of July, when I believe there was a firefox update, which kept failing. I have searched the internet for a solution, and tried several...
  8. bickern

    Happy Birthday Firefox

    Have a great day Adel :bounce:
  9. mollag

    A gift for Firefox

  10. A

    Firefox problems.

    Hello. I cannot access using Firefox but I can via Google. I can access other sites using Firefox including TLF. Any ideas? Hope no-one thought I was referring to another Firefox. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  11. mamish

    Bing, go!

    In the last few days whenever I wake my computer from sleep or hibernate, Firefox opens automatically to the page. Never had this before (thought I'd got rid of Bing for good!) but there was a windows update on 18/10 and I suspect it's crept in with one of the updates. But there's not...
  12. L

    Firefox any comment.

    After your imaginary sight of a braless Kate and your views yesterday,shouldn't you concentrate more on your homelands latest atrocity.I don't know what you would consider the more evil deed. BBC News - Iran hangs Reyhaneh Jabbari despite campaign
  13. L

    Firefox not responding?

    When I try to open a program it comes up "Firefox not responding"and the page fades for a few seconds before coming back again but is slow. Also when I had my laptop in Turkey I could not log onto the local wi-fi and I was getting the message about a problem with the connectivity adaptor but...
  14. Kingfisher

    Can't open the forum with Firefox

    When I try to open the forum with Firefox, I get the message: Server not found Firefox can't find the server at Turkish Living Forum No problem with Chrome. Any ideas why this suddenly started happening (since yesterday)?
  15. bickern

    Happy Birthday Firefox

    Happy Birthday To You! - Funny Birthday Songs (Freddie the Fox) - YouTube Hope you have a good day today!
  16. A

    Firefox Problems

    Hello. Recently I have been having a problem with firefox. If I open as normal the browser does not work ie cannot access web or show favourites. I have tried the options but thiey are not changed. I have to run as administrator. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and also used system restore...
  17. shirleyanntr

    Condolences to Firefox

    Adel is a friend of mine on FB and we know he gives some stick on the forum at times..throws a spanner in the works many times with tongue in cheek However he recently had a family tragedy in which he lost both his mother and sister. and so i offer him my condolences and deepest sympathy we...
  18. S

    Seasonal greetings Firefox

    Firefox, Seasons greetings Foxy as one independent minority Tlfer to another seasons greetings especially to you. May 2014 bring plenty more opportunities for us 2 to harvest thumbs downs, vitriol and general spite. Cheers Firefox
  19. B

    Firefox, please answer.

    FF, Why,after starting a thread, do you not have the courage to answer people when they put a question to you? Is it just cowardice, or is there some other reason? (Lack of intelligence maybe.) Bill.
  20. Tommie

    Firefox has been pulled.

    The latest version of Mozilla Firefox - V16, not our lovely FF, has been pulled back due to security reasons. MORE Glad to see it has not affected all versions of FF.
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