1. N

    Fined for not informing council/ Beldesi of Tapu change.

    In 2013 we changed the names on our tapu from joint names to just mine. A neighbour recently alerted me that the Beldesi had been asking if he new of my missus as there was an oustanding council tax bill for my missus of over 1200tl. I went in today with a print out of my tapu changes ,showing...
  2. the bueman

    EE Phone Fined for Overchanging

    Anyone with an EE Mobile phone account may be interested in this article.
  3. Spurs

    Lest we forget

    Sad state of affairs in my mind. Fifa 'rejects England & Scotland request to wear poppies on armbands' - BBC Sport
  4. bickern

    Fined for organising a charitable event

    UNWITTING volunteers who organise popular events in the name of charity – in local bars, other venues or even on social media, such as Facebook – may well face hefty fines if they act without first obtaining a license to do so. Charity events in local bars – for everything from street dogs to...
  5. suzyq

    Man fined for dancing whilst driving

    The driver decides whilst driving down an Istanbul highway to get up and dance whilst the minibus is moving. Encouraged by a passenger he then does it again! VIDEO: Man fined for dancing while driving - CRIME
  6. C

    Sex in van - fined

    Cops fined 3 couples found having sex in a moving van, in Ibiza. The 6, believed to be Swiss, were fined for not wearing a seat belt. This begs the question "were they fined for not having safe sex"? Could the females be charged with "holding an offensive weapon"? There was no mention...
  7. shirleyanntr

    taxi fined for having Atatürk sticker

    how sad is this. Police are actually warning Taxi drivers to remove stickers of Atatürk and threatening they will possess their cars if they dont...yet other vehicles can have any sort of sticker they want without raising an eyebrow a young musician in İstanbul was threatened by a policeman...
  8. T

    Woman fined $140 a day for refusing to circumcise son

    In referring to this case in Israel the judges are quoted as saying "How will the world react if even here the issue of circumcision is given to the discretion of any person, according to their own beliefs". I thought that was the point people in favour of circumcision want to make, that it...
  9. Carolyn

    Fined for spitting in the street

    Can't see this happening in Turkey. If only ....... Yobs who spit in public can now be prosecuted for littering after a council won a landmark legal ruling. In a test case, two men failed in their challenge of a local authority policy to impose £80 on-the-spot fines on them. Magistrates upheld...
  10. beyazbayan

    CNBC-e fined

    3 Dec 2012 – Turkish TV channel fined for airing 'insulting' episode of The Simpsons. Watchdog says private broadcaster CNBC-e insulted religious values ... Didn't see the episode as İ can't stand the programme so not sure what it's all about.
  11. Briand

    Fined for warning other in uk

    How many of us have done the same i know i have but i will think twice next time Briand. :218by: Driver who flashed headlights to warn fellow motorists of speed trap hauled to court and fined for 'obstructing police' | Mail Online
  12. ceemac

    Turkish TV fined for showing Captain Haddock smoking!

    Wow... ANKARA - Turkey's media watchdog has fined a private television channel over scenes in the Tintin cartoon that show Captain Haddock and other villains smoking Here C
  13. ceemac

    British Artist Fined For Insulting Erdogan

    I think the original incident may have been posted on TLF (possibly by me!), but I can't find the thread. Can you imagine if this were the case in Britain? Half the population would be locked up! 'British artist Michael Dickinson has been fined and may face jail time for refusing to pay the...
  14. SuperBogs

    Hockey men fined over a beer and a hug

    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan's parliament fined a national hockey player and two team officials for un-Islamic behavior after pictures circulated of them hugging a woman and apparently drinking alcohol in Argentina last month. Pakistan hockey player and two team officials fined for hugging a...
  15. gren

    Güllük polluters busted and fined for septic waste of fish farm and summerhouses

    Güllük polluters busted and fined - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  16. peter the postie

    Fined for playing bingo!

    Lmao! unlucky for some.... 13
  17. C

    Fined for what

    Well here is a new fine. We got a register letter from the customs and when translated it stated we needed to go to Izmir to sigh a document stating we wanted to keep our imported furniture for another 2years. When Carl went to Golden sun to ask their help, as they are always very good in...
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