1. bal canavar

    MP's to face a fine if they use the name ‘Kurdistan’ in Parliament

    Members of the Turkish Parliament will have to pay fines if they use the word “Kurdistan” in Parliament, according to proposed changes to the parliamentary bylaws. The draft version of the bylaws, agreed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)...
  2. Spurs

    Big Mac, Big fine

    I think the EU is on a mission to nail US companies. McDonald's faces potential ?1bn EU tax avoidance probe - BBC News
  3. suzyq

    Man fined for dancing whilst driving

    The driver decides whilst driving down an Istanbul highway to get up and dance whilst the minibus is moving. Encouraged by a passenger he then does it again! VIDEO: Man fined for dancing while driving - CRIME
  4. B

    Parking fine payment

    Hi wonder if any one can advise. We got a parking ticket when visiting oludeniz, didn't realise we had illegally parked! Does any one know how we pay the fine, do we have to travel back to oludeniz or can we pay it locally here in Koycegiz where we live. Thanks Brenda
  5. eshek

    Do not discuss the price of Exxs

    Social media users and bloggers to be fined over photos with alcoholic drinks - LOCAL
  6. immac

    Turkish Speeding Fine Payment Online

    Had the pleasure of meeting the postman this morning with a letter for me. Unfortunately the pleasure stopped there: 343TL fine for doing 70 kph in a 50 area. Probably guilty as charged, so no issue there. However, trying to pay it online at address given (GELÝR ÝDARESÝ BAÞKANLIÐI), I can´t...
  7. B

    Expired tourist visa and not paying at the airport!

    Hello everyone, I am an Iranian and my 90 days of Tourist visa's alreay expired and am overstayin here for 1 month and 10 days! I am going back to my country soon but I am scared because I don't have enough money to pay at the Ankara's airport! I don't care about getting banned for not coming...
  8. T

    Will airport polis hold you if you can't pay fine for overstay of visa?

    I'll be flying out of Attaturk on Dec 23rd with a hefty (53 days) breach of my 90 day tourist visa. Can I be held at the airport if I can not produce the cash to cover the fine? thanks,
  9. SonnyJim

    Beware!! Traffic Fine

    A couple of nights ago we were driving home along a fairly quiet road and got stopped by the Jandarma traffic police. They wanted car papers and driving license. Unfortunately my husband was driving and did not have his license with him, I offered to drive home and pick it up (5/10 mins down...
  10. ZiaCa'

    Animal Welfare / Fine for irresponsible pet owners

    This was in the Fethiye Times this week. Glad to hear that the neutering programme is going to be extended to cats. ' Animal Welfare Supported by Fethiye Mayor The founder of the Animal Sanctuary, Perihan Agnelli, together with the Mayor, Behçet Saatcı, were joined by other members of the...
  11. D

    paying overstay fine

    I overstayed and lost/cant find paper to pay the fine. That was two years ago. Went to London Turkish Consolate and Embassy. Was given a "visa" application form and sent away. Last year i entered Turkey just to pay the fine and was "deported" emmediatly and returned back to the UK. Please... How...
  12. Justin

    Toll booth fine

    Just a question. I have just recieved an email from a company which i hired a car from in June 2011 saying that they have had a fine for non payment at the toll booths. I cant deny or disprove this, although i do have and use a kgs card. Can the company prove it was me? What happens if i dont...
  13. M

    Fine - is it right with a management company

    Hello Is there other's who have got a fine cos their management company didn't pay the bills as they should? Our site has just got a fine cos the management company we used hasn't paid our caretaker's insurance. Would like to know if there are other's having the same bad experience with...
  14. M

    Visa Fine

    From time to time on here, we read of people who are asking about overstaying on their 90 day visa, and what happens. Obviously, there have been various answers, ranging from paying the fine, to being deported and banned from re-entry. But, I wondered what the actual procedure is. This is...
  15. Lyndsey

    Deli-cious Fine Dining Evening.

    For anyone who enjoys Deli-cious: Thursday 29th September @ 7.30pm. Deli-cious Cafe, on the street down the side of Golf bar, after the Bistro but before 3 in 1 Fish & Chip Shop. Starters: Chicken liver and port pate, served with tomato and onion relish and melba toast-7tl Prawn and mozarella...
  16. Thechefster

    Speeding Fine

    I'm looking for some advice. A friend of mine was stopped for speeding, on the road to Dalaman airport. He was given a slip of paper, with a what he believes is a fine on it, i think he said it was 180TL. How does he pay it? or how strictly is this enforced? He is planning to return to Turkey...
  17. lara

    Iftar Fine Dining

    We have been invited to our local community centre for a Iftar meal tomorrow, and it will be our turn to provide food next week. We need to cater for around seventy people, we have some idea's on what we want to cook, but if anyone has any nice easy recipes, ones that don't need loads of...
  18. gerald

    Another fine exit

    girl quits job on dry erase board exposes farmville boss called her hopa theCHIVE
  19. M

    Help needed with speeding fine.

    Hi, my husband has been given a speeding ticket while on holiday and was told to pay it at the PTT. He is not sure what the procedure is, does he go and pay the fine, get a receipt and take the receipt to the car rental company? Thanks in advance
  20. ceemac

    France To Fine Women Who Wear Burka In Public

    Women who wear Islamic veils in public in France face a £700 fine under strict new laws being proposed. The amount could be doubled for Muslim men who force female members of their family to cover their faces. Here C
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