1. D

    What A Great Find...

    Hello All, New to the forum and really glad I stumbled across it as it seems packed with information. I have a wife and 2 young kids and we are beginning our search for a holiday home so hope to get lots of information from some of you with more experience. Hope you are all keeping well...
  2. A

    I only have 10 days to find these ! Help please...

    I foolishly felt so sorry for this English couple whose house burnt down that they could have my double bed mattress, a glass top dining room table with 4 high back chairs, and my cream L-shaped leather sofa. I had planned to get new ones anyhow but not all at once! Does anybody have these for...
  3. S

    where to look to find a Translator

    can you introduce an Honest translator? I have to deal with electricity, water, council tax etc etc issues. I need to sort out. I will be in turkey in Sept for two weeks only. Sooner I could sort the above matters the better. I also appropriate to give an idea of their charges, where to look...
  4. immac

    SGK Payment - Can´t Find It!

    Trying to make my SGK payment but can´t find the right section. I am a bit out of date, with last payment made using Garanti (on-line) in August, but the options do not show my group. Last payment was made to "SGK Borç Ödem". The bank receipt shows (additionally) "GSS Prim Tah Silati". But none...
  5. C

    How to find a Turkish Lawyer Information

    Hey, I realized that some of forum users having trouble with finding their lawyers current contact info. Also its better to check if he/she is a registered lawyer or not. Check this video to find your lawyers information on
  6. D

    Find yourself

    A GREAT game! Best played in turn by about six friends 1. Drink six beers [Each] 2. Go to google images 3. Click on the little camera in the search box 4. Minimize that page 5. Find a photo of yourself, head and shoulders 6. Put your photo on desktop 7. Open the Google images page again. 8...
  7. I

    help needed to find out info on a seasonal worker

    Hi All Im worried, A lady friend has been having an online relationship with a seasonal worker in Didim and she is about to travel over and meet him, Id really like to know if anybody knows this guy and has any information on him Good or Bad, He may be a good guy, who knows, but she is 12 years...
  8. H

    Multi gym - where can I find one in Dalyan?

    Hi everyone, I wish to buy a multigym for my place in Dalyan. I do not mind if it is new or second hand so long as it is decent quality. Does anyone have a multigym they wish to sell, or any suggestions/advice on the best place to buy one near Dalyan (and delivery times if applicable)? Thanks in...
  9. R

    How to find 50 cc moped

    Been looking on sahibinden but there is not search for 50cc mopeds. I dont know what models are 50cc. The only one I know is the honda today 50 and they are ridiculously expensive.
  10. MiddleEarth

    Trying to find the d***** place in İzmir

    I recently took a Pamukkale bus from Kaş to Izmir to submit the paperwork to renew my American passport at the American Consulate. The cross-country buses serve tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and cheese sandwiches enroute.There are about nine short stops and one long stop along the way so I...
  11. bal canavar

    Yalikavak horror find

    The international waters off the coast of Yalikavak BODRUM fishermen called in the Greek coastal patrol after finding 2 decapitated heads one of a woman they were taken to RODOS mortuary, were they have said one belongs to a woman in her 40's they are unsure how the severed heads got there ...
  12. T

    Still trying to find self catering apartments

    :132lm: Thanks to Sally Ann for going to the Raga and getting their email address. Have sent 2 emails to the Raga with regards to booking with them but am still waiting on a response. I have holidayed in Side many times but this year very few places seem to be available. Those that are too far...
  13. M

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?
  14. D

    link to the site to find kimlik number???

    just a quick request for a link to the Turkish site that gives kimlik's for a friend who is struggling Turkish is crap so he will have to get aid to rescue his number because i know it is a difficult site to navigate...or has it improved??
  15. S

    New member - help to find cleaner

    Hi, I,am a new member and not used forums before, so please forgive if I'm posting in the wrong place... I have owned a property in akbuk for Many years, and had many years of problems and good times also. There always seems to be an issue with one thing or another, trying to sort things out...
  16. stmary

    where can i find apartments to rent for holidays

    Hi ,there used to be a part on this forum where you could rent off folks for holidays , i can't seem to find it now , does any one know where we can find rented holiday homes please , cheers and thank you
  17. S

    Where to find Garden furniture in or around Dalyan

    It's that time of the year again to dust down the garden furniture ready for the new season.... I would really like to renew my old plastic chairs etc for something a bit more modern...does anyone know where's a good place to buy outdoor furniture close to Dalyan/ortaca .....
  18. christella

    trying to find Pauline mavisehir turkey/ lives in portsmouth

    trying to find Pauline mavisehir turkey/ lives in portsmouth or anybody else who was on the thomas cook flight on the 4th june (bank holiday) 2012 bodrum to gatwick remember we had a chat as we were waiting to get our seats for the flight after watching the martin lewis money program tonight on...
  19. R

    Is it hard to find work in turkey ?

    Hi I want to ask you is it hard to find work in turkey i currentally have bachelor degree in Business administration and i'm looking forward to have master degree in financial administration ..... thx a lot .
  20. R

    help to find wishing tree

    hi i wonder if some1 could help me. i seen a programme a while ago (turkish wives club) and the ladies went to this praying place and outside was a wishing tree that a ribbon or a note was tied too. does anyine know where this is?? thanks
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