1. suzyq

    Qatar’s QNB acquires Turkey’s Finansbank

    Qatar National Bank, the Gulf Arab region's largest bank, said on Tuesday it had reached an agreement with National Bank of Greece to acquire its entire 99.81 percent stake in Turkey's Finansbank for 2.7 billion euros ($2.95 billion). The closing of the transaction had been approved by the...
  2. M

    contacting Finansbank

    Trying to contact them so that I can access my account online. The phone number given just says error. Theres another available but it sounds like our engaged tone. Any advice Thanks
  3. bickern

    Finansbank 99.8% Greek Owned

    I don't want to panic anyone but if you are with Finansbank you should be aware that it is majority owned by the Greek National Bank. Apparently Finansbank is ring fenced from its parent but .... Eyes on Finansbank amid Greece?s fallout fears - ECONOMICS
  4. K

    Finansbank charges.

    Today I received an email as follows: Ücret Değişiklikleri Ana Sayfa Bankacılık Bireysel Bankacilik Ücret Değişiklikleri Hesap İşletim Ücretlerimizde Yapılacak Değişiklik Hakkında 19/10/2014 tarihinden itibaren geçerli olmak üzere, müşterilerimizden 3 ayda bir tahsil edilen Hesap...
  5. C

    Finansbank lounge at Ankara airport?

    Sorry this is in Istanbul section but hopefully someone with know is there a lounge at Ankara airport that you can use with your Finansbank card, like the one at Atatürk airport? Sent from my Discovery using Tapatalk
  6. H

    Finansbank -Çift Sarılı Vadesiz Hesap account

    Hi, can anybody please explain me what Çift Sarılı (Double Yolk?) account is, how it works? It's some kind of high interest account but you can put in/withdraw money any time. It has something what they call "under limit" and some other conditions which I don't quite grasp. Thanks...
  7. Sirinyergirl

    A word of warning - Finansbank, Didim

    I am having the worst time trying to get the Didim branch of Finansbank to transfer my accounts to a branch here in Izmir. Three weeks have passed and STILL the transfer has not happened. I contacted them initially to tell them that, atlthough I have happily banked with them for the past two...
  8. Helenm150

    Finansbank - instability?

    Hi everyone, has anyone heard anything adverse about the stability of Finansbank? They are currently offering high interest rates (10.50% compared to my current 8.75%) and when I queried the disparity with my own bank they said that Finansbank are facing some sort of crisis. I am a bit behind...
  9. Frank&Mary

    Telephone Banking - Finansbank

    I am having difficulty getting through to the english speaking option on Finansbank telephone banking service. I have not used the telephone option for a while as the internet banking service works well for most transactions. I have tried the number that used to always get through 0090 216 444...
  10. gren

    Turkish Savings & Investments - Finansbank

    Can anyone shed any light as to what Finansbank are talking about here? Webpage for some Investment thingy. Is it a form of savings account? Any of the financial gurus about? :50:
  11. D


    I have read on the internet that FINANSBANK is GREEK owned. Due to the money problems in Greece at the moment, is anybody worried about keeping their money in Finansbank? Do you think it is safe to leave your money in this bank, or is it better to move it out? I have asked Finansbank by...
  12. D

    Finansbank online

    Hi, Please can someone enlighten me. We have bank accounts with Garanti and Finansbank. The Garanti account we have had for a few years and have used the website to keep a track of our money whilst here in the UK and have been able to print off proper statements and see clearly our interest...
  13. merlin

    Morgan Stanley raises its stake in Finansbank....

    Morgan Stanley holds more than 5 percent of Turkish Finansbank's shares after a transaction that was carried out earlier this week, according to a statement issued by the investment bank. Finansbank, owned largely by Fiba Holding, is one of the mid-sized banks that has stayed out of the recent...
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