1. Tenpin

    News Companies in Istanbul Finance Center to be granted tax exemptions

    Companies in Istanbul Finance Center to be granted tax exemptions Extract: The draft law that is expected to be submitted to parliament by June at the latest foresees large tax exemptions...
  2. J


    Hi Forgive the brief question but I’m trying to understand the numbers. Assuming I have £50,000 in a Turkish savings account at todays interest - what would I get out in interest on a monthly basis after tax ? I know this is very generalised but I’m trying to work out if a move is possible...
  3. H

    Cars, offers on new cars

    Hi we are from Dalyan looking to buy a new car does anyone know if there are any offered avaliable on any at the mo
  4. T

    Istanbul finance centre

    Istanbul is building a new finance centre. Istanbul?s finance center taking shape - FINANCE Fiona Woolf visited İstanbul earlier last week to participate in a variety of panels primarily concerning İstanbul's development as a financial center and the strengthening of bilateral economic ties...
  5. scotssteve

    FINANCE > Fitch gives highest grade to Yapı Kredi

    FINANCE - Fitch gives highest grade to Yap? Kredi Well done - a rating to be proud of!
  6. D

    Getting A Credit Card

    I have a bank account at Garanti bank, my companies funds are held by them but when I apply for a Credit Card I get no where. I completed an application (150 pages) signed all the pages as instructed, put 2000 TRY in an escrow account and have now been waited 4 months for an ok. Is there a...
  7. W

    Turkish car on finance

    I hope someone can help. , Is it possible, if you are purchasing a car on finance in Turkey, to be able to drive to the UK and back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  8. E

    More bad news on the finance front..

    It says in Hurriyet that Turkey has a very large trade gap deficit - one of the reasons why they are driving down the value of the TL with interest rate cuts However, this won't work completely as many of the goods Turks buy are made abroad and so it looks like a large import duty hike is on...
  9. KKOB

    High Finance Explained ?

    You have two cows. Your friend John borrows one cow so he can sell it for £100. He gives you £10 as collateral. You buy your neighbours cow for £100, which you finance by taking out a £90 loan from the bank and use John's £10 to make up the rest. You brag to everyone about your financial...
  10. N

    Can i get finance?

    I have recently purchased an apartment near to Alanya on the Mediteranean coast. I am very impressed with Turkey, and wish to buy more properties. However, it appears that in order to buy a property you have to find the total amount payable from your own funds. For example, in Spain you only...
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