1. J

    Challenge Cup Final

    5 pm Turkish time - Hoping the Catalans can defy the odds today - the history of French rugby league and the Nazi collaborators rugby union is worth reading up on - I just know the English RU would have done exactly the same if the Nazis occupied our Island Throw in the Catalan element (...

    Ireland in world cup final

    Ireland are in the hockey World Cup final. This has been a dream of mine since I started following the sport about eight minutes ago.
  3. S

    Final warning 're trading insults

    In response to numerous complaints from members regarding personal animosities/ bickering matches /*exchanges of*insults- dominating certain threads it has been decided that for a trial period any future such flagrant breaches of the rules will result in immediate temporary suspension. These...
  4. S

    CL Final

    CL final tomorrow night-so will have to go to an English pub to watch Can't stand Real so will be supporting Juve and have ascertained that if they are in a final like this Spanish fans come together to support their countries club Very different to Eng or Scotland
  5. S

    Snooker final

    Two amazing players-worlds best, in today's final Come on Higgins!!!!
  6. yalimart

    Katies final Solution

    'Use euthanasia vans on old people' says Katie Hopkins - BT It would certainly free up parking spaces and make it easier to move around supermarkets and the bonus would be less blue rinse conservative supporters. On a serious note does she need locking up ? I think she is dangerously mad. Martin
  7. B

    Snooker final in Sheffield.

    BBC Sport - Stuart Bingham: World title prize money does not mean anything Congratulations to Stuart Bingham on his win in the World Snooker Final. It was a great final, due to the sportsmanship of both players in the final. Shaun Murphy played his part in what...
  8. newhorizon

    Mars One 100 final applicants shortlist to be announced

    Mars One, the Netherlands-based non-profit organization that plans to have a permanent colony of humans based in Mars by 2025, will announce the final 100 applicants shortlisted for the one-way trip to the Red Planet next week. The Dutch organization is a bit of a mystery. NASA says a manned...
  9. newhorizon

    F1 2014 FINAL -Abu Dhabi

    Just 17 points separating both Mercedes drivers... only one can win.... Rosberg on Pole for tomorrow's race, Hamilton 2nd, Hamilton needs to come 2nd or better to WIN the Championship. Double points last race, perhaps Williams may come into the mix, but hope there are no car failures and...
  10. culturevulture

    All Ireland Hurling Final....?

    Hubby is over for a holiday, and starting to panic.......Does anyone know of any bar in Didim/Altinkum that will be showing the final on TV tomorrow-Sunday-please? As I don't go out much, I may need directions. Lol. Not very familiar with where particular bars are located. Coming from...
  11. S

    final payment before TAPU?

    Hi everyone. I am confused about something and wonder if anyone can offer advice? I am close to completing on a property in Side built by Mecitoglu. My contract with Mecitoglu states that my final payment and receipt of title deeds take place on the same day " simultaneously". Now I have been...
  12. S

    FA Cup final

    I see BT Sport are this year trying to reintroduce the " whole day" build up,to the Cup Final God I remember the old days when terrestrial tv had Cup final quiz and Cup Final,its a Knock out in the 6 hour build up to the cup final
  13. B

    Snooker World Championship Final.

    Congratulations to Mark Selby on winning the Snooker World Title, in what I thought was a great final. Bill.
  14. S

    League Cup Final

    Cant see anything other than a convincing City win
  15. Mag

    All Ireland Football Final today!

    Looking forward to a cracking game today between the mighty Dublin and Mayo. Its like a beautiful summers day here in Dublin and Croke Park looks amazing in all it's glory! As a Dub I am :ireland:wearing the blue shirt today. Who will my fellow Irish members be supporting?
  16. K

    Crystal Palace-Watford playoff final

    On monday at 5.00 pm, Crystal Palace plays against Watford FC to promote the Premiership. I support Crystal Palace, because my friend Andre Moritz play there, do you know any pub which we can watch the game? Around Taksim would be nice, any suggestions or anyone else wants to watch?
  17. Yalides

    Final sale

    Saturday 9th march 12.00 noon till 4.30pm last of our bits and pieces for sale at our house. If interested then ring she who must be obeyed on 05383652068 for details of how to get to us.
  18. yalimart

    The final solution

    Ukip suspends Down's row candidate - Yahoo! News UK I wonder why he thought he could get away with this, my belief is that UKIP are the political wing of the BNP, more worrying is the Tories will possibly need them to form a coalition after the next election, you can only wonder what their...
  19. newhorizon

    Brazil F1 2012 FINAL!

    What an unbelievable race!! Vettel now 3rd Time Youngest World Champion!!!!! 10, 11, 12....
  20. james fowler

    The final countdown

    After spending the last 18 years holidaying in Yalikavak and for the last 5 owning our own house we are finally making the big move on November 6th so 10 days to go. We are looking foward to our new life and seeing the many friends we have made allready knowing this time there is no return...
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