1. R

    Electronic filling for RP extension.

    Been trying to file for an extension for my resident permit since they updated to the new site. Keeps saying my permit does not match anything in the system. Anyone else get this problem. Keep calling and they just say keep trying. They are working on the problem. My permit expires on Saturday.
  2. B

    Filling a pool.

    How do sites fill their pools,is it via a tanker of water or water supply on site.
  3. Helenm150

    350TL per filling?

    Hi everyone, I have lost part of a filling to one of my lower back teeth (granary bread) - can anyone recommend a good dentist within a dolmus ride of, or in, Turgutreis - I am quite scared of the dentist so looking for someone gentle please - would also be grateful for an idea on price -...
  4. K

    Filling Pools in Akbuk

    We own 1 of 10 villas, each of which has its own swimming pool, on a small complex in Akbuk. Currently, we are looking at different ways of having the pools filled this month. Each pool holds approximately 39 cubic metres. So far we have been quoted 4-500 TL to have each pool filled by mains...
  5. M

    Beware if filling pool

    20 minutes ago we had a crystal clear pool, water has been off whilst they are laying water pipes. When it came back on we put taps on to fill the pool and went out to check 10 mins later and now it looks like the pool has not been cleaned in months. If you are in Efeler Mah beware x
  6. shirleyanntr

    basic form filling words

    Basic form filling words. İve had a few pm’s lately asking what different things mean..and i notice on the forum today there's a query about some basic words. So here's a few words and phrases that might be of some help ..and of course they come with a price…… my price is that you read and try...
  7. D

    Cost of filling a swimming pool

    Can anyone please advise what the rate charged per M3/tonne to fill a swimming pool? I am asking this because we have recently recieved a bill which we consider to be too much. Thank you in advance.
  8. P

    Bean bag filling

    This might sound a daft questiion - but does anyone know where I could buy bean bag filling (polystyrene) in or around Bodrum? Planning to make a couple of bean beds to take over, but don't think they'd let me on the plane if they were filled!!! Thanks :crazy:
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