1. P

    Oil filled radiators wanted

    Hi, me and my family are staying at our place in Gumusluk - Aktaz Evleri - over Christmas/New Year 2011/2012. We have never visited Turkey in the winter so we do not have any heating at our place. Does anyone have an oil filled radiator for sale or does anyone know the best place to purchase...
  2. R

    for sale 2 oil filled radiators

    We have 2 oil filled radiators for sale. 11 section with fans 35tl each. akbuk
  3. culturevulture

    foam filled pillows.....????

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me find foam filled pillows in Didim/Altikum. I like my pillow to feel cold as I nod off. If it begins to fell warm I turn it over. Seems strange I know, but it helps me to get to sleep. The only pillows I can find here in Didim are all filled with the same type...
  4. M

    May Photos - Pool filled

    A couple of photos sent by one of our neighbours who is living on Yasmin, he said the place is really taking shape now. mo
  5. merlin

    Come on then, be honest... Who panicked and filled up with fuel today?

    With prices hitting a pound a litre, protesters have given the Government until today to meet and discuss their concerns or face fuel blockades. Petrol stations are calling for drivers to avoid filling up their cars unnecessarily as some garages warn they could run dry.
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