1. G

    copying files from mxq to mx?

    Hi My MX kodi box has stopped working, only a blue light, and does nothing else! My MX Q box however is working fine, my question is, can i copy the files from my MX Q box over to my non working MX box to get it to work? and How?
  2. teosgirl

    IS files

    IS Files: The Families UK Jihadis Left Behind What makes migrants who fled war and poverty, return to it? How do Christian migrants become Islamic fundamentalists in a predominantly Christian country? Are the mosques and religious leaders in the UK doing enough to stamp out radicalism...
  3. maggie

    Rar Files.

    I have downloaded a couple of films but they are saying they are Rar Files . Does any one know how or what programme converts them for me to be able to watch them on my lap top. Thanks xxxx Hugs Maggie x:thanks:
  4. tomc1984

    Help with encrypted files

    Can anyone help please. I have a portable hard drive with lots of files on which at some point I must have encrypted. Laptop been restored to factory settings and new user details on now. I cannot now open files, says access is denied. When I ,look at properties seem to say they are encrypted.
  5. Jaycey

    Temporary files

    Hi geeky angels, having laptop problems … If I search *.tmp in computer it tells me that there aren’t any. If I search in C, D (partition) or E (external HD) it brings up hundreds (possibly thousands) Some of these files can be deleted manually, some can’t and it will take weeks to go thru...
  6. RustyDalyan

    Can't open .pdf files on laptop - Adobe problem

    Hello folks, I hope somebody here can help me with this problem :) I can't open .pdf files on my laptop, it says "Adobe Acrobat not responding". I have uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Reader. My laptop has 2 versions of Windows installed (I told my IT shop that I have to use different...
  7. bickern

    UK govt forced Guardian to destroy files

    Where does the need to know and the need to keep secrets lie. İt is a very thin line I suppose and depends on the needs of the person requiring the information. I am all for openness but I also see the need to deny potential enemies information that could help them harm us or our allies...
  8. Andy

    Ufo files Released

    MOD close encounter files released MoD shows 'close encounter' files - AOL NEWS
  9. John O' Dreams

    Iraq's Secret War Files

    The TV programme 'Dispatches' tonight exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath, revealing the true scale of civilian casualties. For those members who have an interest, it's on Channel 4 tonight at 8.00pm.
  10. T

    Music files size matters

    Anyone help with this? Since buying a new windows 7 pc I find that my music (wma) is taking up more space than my old pc also used wma, I am only getting half the number of tracks onto my mp3 players. Tracks that were 2-3mb are now up to 4,5,6,ect. I have googled music compressor pages and...
  11. Andy

    Backup Computer Files

    How many members back up their files and do you do it on a regular basis. Where do you put them, is it possible to store them on DVD ? How long would it take or does it depend on how much you use the computer and how many files are stored on it. I'm a bit lost on this subject and need a...
  12. shirleyanntr

    how do i transfer files buying a new pc and in the past when things have gone wrong with my pc ive lost loads of how can i stop this happening in ABC please. also i dont know whether to get a laptop or a desktop..i have a desk top..its ancient but suits me..i dont know if i could get used to...
  13. A

    Editing audio files

    I am looking for a free software download and edit music to enable me to create music quizes. ie , intros, middle sections and lyrics. Can anyone recommend a good website?:gossip:
  14. T

    Uploading Audio files

    I have a WMA file of Pebble talking about her project during her illness and wanted to upload it so members could listen but the system only accepts WMV files It loads in Window Media Player and has a patterned background while she is talking. Any ideas as I am useless with uploads and its on my...
  15. shirleyanntr

    help how to convert pdf files

    ive received some letters but they are in pdf format and i havent a clue what to do. ive looked on the net and got a free pdf convertor..ive opened the letters in notebook ..but the pdf thingy says the file doesnt exist. help!!
  16. P

    pdf files

    Already have a pdf Adobe reader 8 but want to create pdf files so I can amend them etc. Anyone got any info on how to ? What software to buy. I have a template doc that I amend each time and need it in pdf format. Any help ? Cheers
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