1. Spurs

    Migrant figures.

    I am not going to rant & rave about these figures because we are constantly told "immigration is good for the UK". So if I have to swallow that, has this & successive Governments failed to keep up with the services to cater for these ever growing numbers? Hospitals, schools & of course housing...
  2. B

    Crime figures down in Didim.

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Crime figures revealed for Didim If true this has got to be good news for everybody with properties in the area. Bill.
  3. A

    AKP's tricky inflation figures

    Basic consumer goods removed from the list with last updates! Now TUIK calculating inflation figures with dynamite, ping-pong ball,fees of private television, shower gel, highway toll, swimsuits in the winter, smokestack in summer... Gas oil prices, natural gas, electricity, transportation fees...
  4. arrian

    Pylon figures

    if only all pylons looked like these! Land Of Giants Electricity Pylon Figures | World News | Sky News
  5. ceemac

    Key figures in Turkish Cypriot election

    Turkish Cypriots vote for a new leader in crucial elections on Sunday which could determine the fate of reunification talks with Greek Cypriots and Turkey's bid to join the EU. Here C
  6. zozatky

    Turkish road accident figures.!!

    As reported in Today,s Zaman Nineteen percent of drivers break speed limit in Turkey
  7. M

    doulton figures for sale

    i have 4 doulton figures for sale,they are best not seconds...all in excellent condition ASHLEY FAIR LADY SARAH OLD COUNTRY ROSES 80YTL EACH please pm for anymore information
  8. Andy

    Collecting Action Figures

    Make money collecting action figures "Go for the ugly, unpopular guys." No, not quite the latest dating strategy, but invaluable advice for all those looking to collect TV action figures. Yes, really, there is a market for them now - a growing one in fact - among adults as much as children...
  9. merlin

    Record figures for house purchases in Turkey....

    Source: Turkish Press The revival in real estate sector continues. In the first nine months of 2005, in 15 cities including Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, 572,000 real estates worth of 25.8 quadrillion liras were sold. The money allocated to buy houses increased by 170 percent in 2005 when...
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