1. S

    Never pick a fight with the Irish!!!!
  2. suzyq

    Nigeria's Dasuki 'stole $2bn' from anti-Boko Haram fight

    Probably foreign aid money. Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the arrest of his predecessor's security adviser, for allegedly stealing some $2bn (£1.3bn). Sambo Dasuki is accused of awarding phantom contracts to buy 12 helicopters, four fighter jets and ammunition. He denies the...
  3. suzyq

    Japan Allowed to Fight Overseas

    Japan's parliament has voted to allow the military to fight overseas for the first time since the end of World War Two 70 years ago. A vote on the constitutional amendment was delayed for several hours as the opposition tried to stop the measure coming into law. Outside, demonstrators rallied...
  4. suzyq

    Qatar To Join US Forces In Turkey To Fight ISIL

    Qatar is set to join the U.S-led coalition’s air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Turkey, according to Turkish sources, as France is also considering participating in the war against the jihadists. The sources told daily Hürriyet improvement was achieved in...
  5. T

    What next for Turkey & the coalition in the fight against terror?

    On Turkish TV (haber Turk) Rusen Cakir (Journalist) said Davatoglu had no choice other than to attend the Unity March in France as the PM's etc present discussed the next moves for the coalition in the fight against ISIS and terrorist groups. Clearly there will be plans afoot to try and...
  6. newhorizon

    Turkish governor 'bans' elevators in public buildings in fight against obesity

    Reading articles in various newspapers this morning , as is common at start of a new year with new goals, diets, juicers, gadgets, shakes etc it was refreshing to read about a Health official in Turkey who has banned elevator use for first 3 floors just making a small change... "Dursun Ali...
  7. B

    Aussies to fight ISIS.

    BBC News - Islamic State crisis: Australia to send 600 troops to UAE It's good to see the Aussies getting involved in the battle against the ISIS thugs. What is needed is for all countries to fight this evil. Bill.
  8. bal canavar

    Animals fight back

    This bull decided enough is enough after being taunted an decided to gore 3 matadors one seriously . Its barbaric and should be banned, or do it Portugeuse style where the bull is not killed or hurt
  9. Jaycey

    Lemons fight Cancer?

    I’ve just received an email but can’t say if there’s any truth in it – urban legend perhaps? "Subject: Freezing Lemons - Who Knew? This is interesting. Also do this with fresh ginger… Freezing Lemons - Who Knew? Read this - it may save your life or the life of a friend or loved...
  10. teosgirl

    Gun fight Bodrum

    LOCAL - Exchange of fire in resort town of Bodrum leaves two assailants dead A difficult season, but this won't help. Charlotte
  11. John O' Dreams

    Garrett's Fight

    Great video from ESPN: Garrett's Fight - ESPN Video - ESPN
  12. teosgirl

    Sex offenders fight Halloween ban

    Sex Offenders Fight California Halloween Ban More should be done to ensure members of the sex offender register are kept away from children. This step is another good idea, but once again the lawyers want to protect the rights of perpetrators, rather than the rights of innocent children. In my...
  13. A

    Dalyan Beach fight

    I had just sat down to enjoy a quiet beer in the bar on the boat end of the beach and a rather nasty fight erupted involving Turkish tourists .Staff from the bar joined in.Several people were involved.It was over quite quickly but the atmosphere was rather tense for half an hour or so. Does...
  14. altinkum kev

    David Haye fight

    JSC 3 here in Turkey Just after midnight.
  15. John O' Dreams

    Sunday Fight

    Does anyone think we'll see a row on the forum today? Which thread looks like it could ignite things? I reckon the 'Who was the greatest commander to face the British?' one has potential.
  16. christella

    looking for a fight

    Crazy Russian Fight Fail.....All The Best Fights Happen In Russia - YouTube
  17. shirleyanntr

    the things we find to fight about

    we will never run out of things to fight over...if it isnt land money or oil...then we can start a war of words about which dish came from where the Armenians are up in arms about a dish they say is theirs and which unesco is claiming it to be Turkish....unesco..when did they get into the food...
  18. shirleyanntr

    İsrael compares Turkey/PKK fight to İsrael/Gaza

    Heres a complicated article from an İsraeli paper which points a finger at Turkey for its activities against the PKK especially the recent attacks in İraq..and draws comparisons with its own Gaza problems. İt suggests that Turkey and İsrael need to repair their relationship they have more to...
  19. shirleyanntr

    Fight Internet censorship in Turkey

    i had this is my mail just now..the implications of censorship of the internet concerns all of that live in this country..this is a petitions set up by Turkish people apparently the link wasnt opening...ive posted the petition below
  20. yalimart

    fish fight

    has anyone watched Hugh Fearnley Whitinstalls "fish Fight" ? cant believe the eu mentality on the fishing industry, Discard ! whats that when there are people starving all over the world ! never seen so much waste in my life ! beggars belief martin
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