1. S

    Spanish Festivals

    Here's the programme for our upcoming village Fiesta Cool or what- except the bull running bit
  2. dearsley

    Events, festivals

    My daughter is coming out on Saturday. Just wonder if there are any events, festivals or exhibitions in the Izmir area that I could take her to.
  3. S

    Festivals in Alanya

    Can anyone tell me what festivals will be going on in and around Konakli and Alanya town during May and June this year? I couldn't find anything on the Belediyesi sites recently. There usually is something going on every year but I never seem to know in advance so just end up seeing something...
  4. H

    scarescrow festivals

    anyone know how many there are in the U.K. wonder if the Turkish people know of this silly but fun thing we do
  5. J

    Festivals in Gumusluk

    Hi we are going out to Bodrum (Gumusluk) on the 31st July for two weeks does anyone know if there are any local festivals that take place in that period. Jumbo
  6. W

    Alanya festivals

    Hi I'm in Alanya 26th August - 8th September and as I get a bit bored on the beach, wondered if there were any festivals going on or places that are good to meet people. I'm out with my partner we are from London interested in property, spiritual stuff bit not too airy fairy and love to get...
  7. shirleyanntr

    annual festivals in turkey

    here are some of the major festivals around Turkey this year these are taken from British Airways site..and there are links for all the events on the site of course there are many other events such as the cherry festival which has already been posted Mesir Paste Festival Mar 2007 (annual)...
  8. G

    Turkish Festivals In London - July 2006

    Hi, just to let you know of a couple of Turkish festivals coming to London Soon. 2nd Jul - Day Mer Festival (Clissold Park, Stoke Newington N16) see (1) below 15th/16th Jul - Coin Street Turkish Festival (near Waterloo Bridge) see (2) below...
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