1. Leo

    Side Music festival

    Does anyone have the schedule for the Side festival season for 2019 Thanks in advance
  2. suzyq

    Barbaros Oyuk Festival

    With the growing influence of visual arts, especially in the movies, scarecrows, which were used to protect fields from crows back in the day, have turned into essential items for horror films. For one small Aegean village however, scarecrows have become a tool in encouraging locals to return to...
  3. T

    Flower festival

    Hi Does anybody know whether the Istanbul city has flower/plant exhibition or festival or something like this at the moment or even permanent one? Thanks
  4. Jaycey

    Happy Apple Festival everybody!

    Today we celebrate the Savior of the Apple Feast Day. This holiday is marked annually on August 19. It can be also called Apple Spas, Second Spas, Great Spas, and Holiday of First Fruit. People believe that on this day all apples become healing. Also, all wishes made during the eating of the...
  5. R

    mushroom festival

    This is our first year living full time in Turkey, and also our first experience of the annual mushroom festival that takes place in Uzumlu, the village we now live in , It starts today and lasts for three days . It is expected that there will be approximately thirty thousand people descending...
  6. M

    Uzumlu Mushroom Festival

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know the dates of the Uzumlu Mushroom Festival 2018? Usually its in April but I cant find any postings of it yet. THANKS Martyn
  7. mollag

    Edinburgh festival

    The Edinburgh festival , the fringe. Hands up now, be honest, who is interested in the Fringe? it gets a hell of a lot of newspaper and tv coverage but to be frank, I could care less, maybe it's just me and not just cheap news.
  8. F

    Manavgat motorcycle festival

    Anybody been there before? When is It this year?
  9. S

    Festival dates Alanya 2017

    Does any one know any dates for Festivals and events this coming May and June in Alanya or Konakli?
  10. bal canavar

    Istanbul Tulip (lale) festival

    Don’t Miss the International Istanbul Tulip Festival 2016 Normally held for the whole month of April, the annual International Istanbul Tulip Festival (Istanbul Lale Festivali) Tulip known as lale in Turkish (from the Persian word lâhle) The tulip was originally a wild flower growing...
  11. A

    Mushroom Festival

    Hello. I have been told that the mushroom festival is between 15th and 18th April this year. Can anyone confirm? Thanks for any replies.
  12. bal canavar

    Whirling Dervishes Festival

    Bit late with this, but can also be seen in Istanbul in certain venues (Link below) throughout the year, but the true festival every year in KONYA Whirling dervishes at the Rumi Festival in Konya 10th -17th every year . Since the death of Jalaluddin Rumi in 1273, the Mevlevi order has...
  13. Jaycey

    Happy Golden Eagle Festival everybody!

    Happy Golden Eagle Festival everybody! Some stunning pics! Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia
  14. suzyq

    Seed Bartering Festival - Urla

    A seed bartering festival will take place in the Urla district of Turkey’s İzmir province in October, aimed at protecting and reviving endangered seeds and enriching the natural wealth of the region. The festival will be held on Oct. 4 in the Malgaca market square, giving attendees the chance...
  15. Leo

    Side festival of culture & arts

    Hi friends, I am trying to find a link to the free concerts in Side. I know I have seen it - but for the life of me I can find it now. Anyone able to post it for me - thanks in advance. Also, if anyone has a link to the concerts at Aspendos (the old original one - not the modern place next...
  16. A

    Cherry Festival

    We saw an advert for a Cherry Festival in Fethiye for the 27/06/15 but have no more information as to its whereabouts etc any information please.
  17. D

    Fethiye World Music Festival

    Does anyone know if this month Fethiye is once again hosting the brilliant World Music Festival on the Culture centre `square` ? the last few years its been excellent entertainment and I really hope its on this year .... any known dates anyone ?
  18. A

    Efes Blues Festival in Antalya?

    Does anybody know the dates of the Efes sponsored Blues Festival in Antalya this year please? And how much is the entrance fee? I went to this about 6 years ago and it was a fantastic day out and not very expensive if I remember correctly - also with lots of food and beer stalls around the...
  19. translator

    Hamsi Festival in Bodrum

    It is tomorrow (11th) The barbeques will be starting at 09:00 fish serve to start at noon. there shall be region black sea music and singers they take stage starting at 11:00 it will end at 17:00 It shall be held at th Belediye İskele Meydanı
  20. I

    IWAI Charity Food Festival

    Date: Saturday 20.09.2014 from 11 to 14h Location: St. John the Evangelist's Anglican Church, Izmir/Alsancak (if you type in google maps St. John Kilisesi, Izmir you will find it) Parking: paid parking is next to the church Food: Dishes from 26 different countries will be served. Australia...
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