1. Camden

    New Ferry Service

    New Ferry Service Connects Mainland Greece with Turkey Ferry services between Smyrna’s (Izmir) Cesme district and the Lavrio port, near Athens began Sunday with a special ceremony at the Turkish Port. It is the first time that the Turkish and Greek mainlands will be connected by ferry...
  2. C

    ferry to Greek islands timetables

    hi ,where can i find timetables and info on what ferries go from turkey to any of the greek islands for 2019 .thanks
  3. S

    Tekirdag to Bandirma ferry

    Hi, two questions... can anyone tell me if the ferry from Tekirdag to Bandirma runs in November? and if it does what times are they? I've been on google for hours and my head is wrecked!
  4. J


    I need to get up to Sofia from Izmir - I've only ever used the Canakkale to Eceabat ferry but my Garmin is telling me to use the Bandirma to Tekridag ferry - not much online about this service so I'm a bit wary - has anyone used it lately and is it preferable to running up the Gallipoli peninsular?
  5. C

    Ferry to kos

    Hi anyone done this trip,looking for costs time table etc.thanks chris.

    Ireland to Spain Ferry.

    Someone on here is going to be happy...for once! https://www.independent.ie/life/travel/travel-news/first-ever-direct-ferry-route-announced-from-ireland-to-spain-36493404.html
  7. teosgirl

    Turkish flag ferry ban to Greece

    Türk bayrakl? ticari yatlar?n ve yolcu gemilerinin Yunan adalar?na sefer yapmas? yasakland? I have a friend who owns a ferry company which runs between Turkey and a Greek island. They were notified today that the Turkish marine transport ministry will ban Turkish flagged vessels from travelling...
  8. L

    Bodrum to kos ferry

    I'm wanting to go on a day trip to Kos by ferry. I have my UK registered car on my passport. Can I leave the car at Bodrum ferry port whilst I go over to Kos? Do I need to fill any forms in etc? Thank you for any advice
  9. M


    Is there a ferry from Taking to Didum or do you have to go to Bodrum?? Many thanks Mark
  10. L

    Bodrum -Kos Ferry

    We are thinking of spending a week in Kos in May For A Week And Have FOUND some good accommodation but unless l am doing something wrong, it states that the Bodrum/Kos ferry is only running Tue/Sat/Sunday and is £86.70 return for two people. Does this seem correct? I know it's still early in...
  11. A


    Hello. Asking on behalf of a friend. What days does the ferry from Kas run to Meiss at this time of year and what times does it run? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  12. W

    Car Ferry Bandirma-Istanbul

    Going to Istanbul by car from Bodrum- can anybody on here give me advice re whether it is better to get ferry from Yalova or Bandirma? Also any info re prices would be helpful. Thanks
  13. suzyq

    İzmir to Thessaloniki Ferry 2017

    Turkey and Greece are working on a new ferry line between Thessaloniki and İzmir which is expected to set sail in early 2017, drawing the countries closer together in the process. Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris, who has been enthusiastic in encouraging Turks to visit his city, was in...
  14. MiddleEarth

    Ferry from Turkey via Greece to Italy

    Would like to travel from the Med/Aegean coast by ferry to Greece and then on to Italy. In Italy I plan to take a train everywhere else in the EU (I am not going to the UK) Anyone out there who has had this experience? If so, do you recommend any web sites where I can search for dates and time...
  15. tykatem

    Ferry Italy - Greece 2016

    Anyone thinking of driving to Turkey this year via Italy. Greekferries Club in cooperation with Minoan Lines ...Have extended the - 30% Early booking discount for passengers and vehicles on the Italy - Greece - Italy routes for a further two weeks until the 25.01.2016 Pete (pbuh)
  16. C

    england to turkey by ferry

    Hi guys ,happy New Year to you all ,does anybody know if its possible to travel England to Turkey by sea , ??? Thanks in advance
  17. teosgirl

    Sigacik - Samos ferry

    A new ferry service has been announced between Izmir, Sigacik and Samos, Karlovassi. Tomorrow will see a trial run of the service, and depending on demand it will continue indefinitely. The ferry will depart at 8am tomorrow morning from Teos marina and return on Sunday evening. This weekend...
  18. A

    Datca to Bodrum ferry!

    Hi!We are staying in Datca for a couple of nights next week and thought we might go over to Bodrum,has anyone got any information on the Ferry times,prices e t c .. Thanks :)
  19. Alexander

    Samos ferry and parking

    Hello All. I am planing a trip to Samos, and I would like to ask a couple of questions. First, where does the ferry depart from? Is it the same big port where the cruise liners dock, or should I go to another place? Second, where can I park the car? I am going to pass three nights in Samos, so...
  20. F

    Ferry parking advice please!

    Hello all, I was looking for advice on car parking for the ferry at Turgutries. We need to park for a couple of weeks, and I know that D-Marin charge 15TL per day to use their car park at the ferry terminal, and that they offer no reduction for long-term parking (like you get at airports)...
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