1. immac

    Istanbul Ferries Now 24/2

    Istanbul ferries now cross the Bosphorus through the night: "The launch of a 24-hour weekend ferry linking European and Asian sides of the city means Istanbulites need not be stranded on the wrong continent after a night out"...
  2. bal canavar

    Istanbul Ferries

    I love the ferries in Istanbul, if I am not in a hurry simit and cay in hand worries can melt away . New York seems to be thinking of making a new ferry service. All I would say is make them partly open like the older Istanbul ferries,rather than the hermetically sealed IDO style fast ferries...
  3. bickern

    Turkey braces for storms as flights, ferries cancelled

    Turkish Airlines (THY) canceled 229 flights due to the heavy storm that took affect starting from 11 a.m. on Jan. 31, as inter-city ferry lines were also halted. The storm has also hit the province of Çanakkale as officials say these conditions are expected to last until Feb. 3. Banks of the...
  4. W

    Greece- Italy Ferries

    we are considering ferry travel from Igoumenitsa -Italy on our road back to the UK in December.Prior to driving the Bulgaria - Balkan route home we had done the ferry route many times before but always pre booked on line with one of the ferry operators. I was just wondering whether it would be...
  5. L

    Ferries to and from Kusadasi

    Hi have just booked 12 days in Pythagorian Samos and will need to get there on the ferry, been looking on the websites but a bit confusing lol: understand that there is a ferry direct to Pythagorian and though it left at 5.30pm but cant find it on the ferry timetable now, so any advice on times...
  6. SonnyJim

    Ferries to Italy

    Can't find anything up to date online. Does anyone know if there are still any ferries from Italy to Cesme?!
  7. J

    Kos ferries

    Hi all, Does anyone know the timetable for the Bodrum to Kos ferries please, ie times and days and are they operating now? :307bt: thanks Jan
  8. denise bannell

    ferries to France

    I know that a number of people have taken ferries to Koss to go back to England What route was this ?
  9. J

    Kusadasi ferries

    Hi there, does anyone know if you can get from Kusadasi to Santorini. Do you have to go via Rhodes? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Elvira

    Ferries to Princes Islands

    Does anyone know if the Istanbul ferries to the Princes Islands runs all year.I will be going mid October and would like to take some friends over.
  11. P

    advice on ferries to rhodes

    Hi folks. We have some American friends coming in May and are taking them to Turunc for a few days. While there I would like to take them to Rhodes as it would enable us to renew our visa and allow them to get a taster of Greece. Has anyone the no for a travel agent in Marmaris that does these...
  12. S

    Ferries between Istanbul and Bodrum

    Does anyone know if there is a ferry from Istanbul to Bodrum? I know that Deniz Lines used to do it but it appears that they have discontinued this route.
  13. D


    Hi There, Does anyone know the times that the ferries run from Kos to Turgutreis or the website of the ferry opperator. I am coming out in September.
  14. keny

    car ferries

    Can anyone please help?Are there car ferries from Kushadsi to greece?We are in Altinkum and will need to take our car over in late june/early july,(its here for 6 months)to geta visa renewal.Any information about location, times, destinations and costs would be most gratefully received.Thankyou...
  15. G

    Ferries Altinkum/Rhodes

    I Have been invited to visit a friend in Rhodes for their easter holiday at the end of April, at that time I will be in Akbuk ,does anyone know if it will be possible to get a ferry at this time of year please
  16. Rainbow

    Ferries to Simi

    Apologies in advance if this subject has already been covered. I did have a quick scout around but couldn,t find anything. Can anyone tell me if ferries run between Datça and Simi and if so how can I track down a timetable. I have Googled but can only find from Bodrum to Simi. Thanks in advance.
  17. Germaine

    Ferries Cancelled ??

    Voices – Exclusive THE much anticipated ferry services from Didim to the Greek islands could be suspended until next spring – because of a bureaucratic wrangling at government levels. Residents and tourists were hoping that the daily ferries to Kos, Samos and Patmos would have started in May...
  18. Ms Who

    Ferries from Altinkum

    Ooooo exciting stuff, looks like the ferries will start on 10th June. Just a tad late for me as me boys birthday is on 7th so I will have to make the trip to bodrum one last time! For the latest info: www.voicesnewspaper.com
  19. D


    Hi All, Can anyone pass on any info about ferries to Rhodes and Kos, from Bodrum. Are tickets issued only as day return, or is it possible to return on a different day, ie. stay over a couple of nights, then return. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
  20. K


    Happy easter everyone .can you get the ferry from turgetries to Kos?and if so when do they start?cheers for now.
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