1. Y

    Ferdi Iskan, kullanma Yapi, habitation certificate

    I am greatful for members who have replied to my query in an expert way. I thank them, but I still don't know if Kullanma Yapi = Ferdi iskan = Habitation Certificate One member asked me to click the 'Active Topic' and enter the tag word ... it cannot be done! I have also 'searched' ... in...
  2. Y

    Genel Iskan Belgesi & Ferdi Iskan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to buy a Flat in a new-build complex. I have checked from the Belediye that the Building has a valid GENEL ISKAN BELGESI. Being only a mortal, I am more than a bit confused and have two questions:- 1) Is GENEL ISKAN BELGESI sufficient to proceed to...
  3. G

    Difference Between Ferdi Iskan and Use of Building Permit?

    I requested my Emlak to give me the Habitation Certificate (Ferdi Iskan?) for my house because I had read a number of threads on TLF about the importance of this document. In response to my request, I received a photocopy of a document headed "YAPI KULLANIM IZNI" which, according to the Emlak...
  4. P

    Ferdi iskan

    Hi,we bought a new villa from Nokta,they are demanding £400 for the Habitation Certificate,which they are arranging,is this par for the course.We have had the house since June,had mickey mouse electrics from another site,two fires because of this and various other problems related to the...
  5. P

    Ferdi Iskan(habitation certificate)

    I have received a form in Turkish,that I have to fill in and send back signed,can anyone explain it to me,it reads, sayin belediye baskanligina gumusluk sahibi bulundugum mugla ili bodrum ilcesi,karakay koyu,burun mevlii,pafta 21_22,1629 paraseldeki 1 nolu konut icin,belediyeniz...
  6. merlin

    Ferdi Tayfur - Nazetme Album Download....

    01 Naz Etme 02 Canına Okuyacağım 03 Geri Getir Ömrümü 04 Anne 05 Elveda 06 Sevdiğim 07 Uzadı Geceler 08 Sende 09 Ah Bir Çocuk Olsaydım 10 Bugün Sen 11 Gençliğim 12 Suç Benim mi? http://rapidshare.de/files/4930400/1988_Naz_Etme_by_KaracaOglan.rar.html Merv!
  7. P

    Ferdi Iskan (habitation certificate)

    I have just received an email informing me and the others on Noktas Grandsea view site,that Nokta are demanding £500 for each certificate.We have had the houses since June,can Nokta do this. Parrot
  8. P

    Ferdi Iskan

    Re: New section for Legal questions I bought in Gumusluk,and the house was handed over on 11/6,I am still waiting for ferdi iskan,who issues this and do I need it to get water and electricity connection,should I also have it before I can move in. Parrot.
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