1. Z

    Dear fellow Owners at UFUK Yamac Evler

    I am surprised at how well you appear to be coping with our news and situation, though perhaps some of you are saying........"it's only what we already knew or suspected". But surely this is NOT the case, as most if NOT all of you thought the problems with the HC where down to Mr Ufuk NOT paying...
  2. Martyn

    For all you fellow geeks

    Got my back order of Windows 7 and installed it in a Parallels VM in 64bit mode today on my Macbook. Seems ok so far.:nerd:
  3. ceemac

    Annoying Fellow Passengers

    What do we do that most annoys our fellow aircraft passengers? According to recent surveys, these are the most annoying things for us as airline passengers; 1 A child kicking your seat 2 A screaming child 3 People who talk non-stop 4 People with bad breath/BO 5 Passengers being rude/aggressive...
  4. M

    Hello fellow M Pyramidders from Halifax

    We are Malcolm and Pat, we have met some of you already. Malcolm is the eccentric guy in the wheelchair, Pat his longsuffering wife. (Guess who is writing this). Hoping to go back out in August if we can get a flight not costing a fortune. Will anyone be there then? Gary and Margaret, how...
  5. D

    Hello to fellow Turgutreisians!

    We have had property in Turgutreis for over three years, so I just would like to say hello to fellow residents. It's a three bedroom duplex with a large communal pool (about 8 other apartments). Our builders were Altin. We try to get out from the UK about twice a year but we have found it...
  6. maggie

    fellow akbuggers

    Hi All, Today I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow TLF member Lazz to all of you.!!!!! Nik and I met her and her husband Dave for lunch today along with Steve and Terri NWClio to all of you. So nice to meet fellow Akbukkers. Lovelley day thanks to you four hugs Maggie xxxxxxx
  7. S

    hi all,new on here,fellow gundie property owner

    Just wanted to say hello as i am new on here..., I have a small pad in Gundogan too (....not had chance to visit much as flights are so expensive from Germany where I live, but hopefully I plan to go next year..).in the meantime I try to rent out my place, so if you know of anyone interested...
  8. J

    Fellow owners at Botanic Gardens

    We would be pleased to share experiences and information with fellow owners at Botanic Gardens. We are due out in early July so will happily post some photos afterwards. We understand that the site is now complete. Judy and Guy
  9. S

    Hassling fellow members

    I have just been sent a garbled pm (possibly the moderators could put it in the forum) by marlyn obviously somewhat unbalanced and confused. Whilst I understand some members can be more easily offended than others I honestly believe we should at least keep things relatively civil. As I have...
  10. H

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Pisceans

    Me I am 50 and proud of it! Hope you all have a good day.
  11. mr blonde

    hi fellow turkey lovers

    hi ,i have just joined your forum and thought i should say hello before i have a mooch around. i have a place in turkey and it is the love of my life .i am a regular visitor and would love to live there but have a few years to go yet until i retire. i think it is one of the best places in the...
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