1. F

    Why do men feel the need to walk around shirtless?

    Why do Western European men like to walk around town shirtless? It's not only ugly but also embarrassing for some onlookers too. It should be banned.
  2. Mushtaq

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration.

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of? Balfour initiated a policy of British support for Israel which continues to this very day, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinians of the West Bank and the five million...
  3. suzyq

    Kurds feel trapped between state and PKK, make plea for peace

    Sad life for people caught in the middle. Locals in mainly Kurdish Diyarbakır feel trapped by clashes between Turkish security forces and the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) and are calling for the resumption of negotiations to resolve the issues. Intense clashes occurring on a...
  4. B

    Anti-EU hand strengthened.

    BBC News - Deflation hits eurozone as energy prices fall I think that this article will strengthen the argument of all those who would like to see the UK leave the EU. Bill.
  5. beyazbayan

    Feel good factor

    İ am passing this on today because it worked for me. A doctor on TV said to have inner peace in our lives we should always finish things we start. Since we could all do with a bit more calm in our lives İ looked around my house to see things İ had started but not finished. So İ finished a...
  6. Tommie

    A hug makes everyone feel better!

    Anyone feeling a little down at the moment? https://twitter.com/Fascinatingpics/status/452469973286662144/photo/1
  7. Freedom 49

    How do you feel about inheritance?

    With only having one daughter and one grandson, I prefer to help invest in their future whilst I'm alive, rather than leave extra cash in the bank as it would go to my daughter anyway after I've departed. If you have more than one child then maybe it's more 'Fair' to save and have them equally...
  8. arrian

    Do you feel your age?

    I turned 65 this year but I still feel as though i'm in my late 20's, which is a shame because my body tells me i'm definitely not! I look in the mirror and don't think I've done too badly, maybe look as though i'd pass for late 40's. and then I see photos of myself, and think ' who's that old...
  9. perfect1949

    did you feel it last night

    me and Shirley felt a tremor last night round about 12 30. Anybody else feel it . Dave and Shirley
  10. S

    Excellent feel good story

  11. stmary

    How did you feel leaving your loved ones behind

    Hi how did you feel when you moved to Turkey and had to leave your loved ones behind in UK or another part of the world you come from . Was this hard to do leave your kids , grand kids behind , we are due to move there in 3 years and we know thats a long time off and a lot can change . We will...
  12. willip

    I no longer feel stupid

    somebody having a bad day
  13. pineapple1

    It makes me feel sick !!!!

    Woman collapses at Heart Attack Grill while eating Double Bypass burger - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK Just look at the size of that burger ! Wonder if they are really that size No wonder they get heart attacts etc .. Could anyone eat that thing ?
  14. bickern

    Anyone feel sorry for this chap

    As family who led life of privilege face up to £5m debt, who said the upper crust were recession-proof? | Mail Online If he sold his main residence then no capital gains would be payable, but what I can't understand is how embarrased his children must be and if they knew when they posed for...
  15. S

    How would you feel?

    I have just read thıs artıcle and ı dont thınk ı could ever forgıve my mom ıf she dıd the same.... or ıs that me beıng selfısh? When I was in my early 20s, my mother told me she wanted to kill herself when she reached the age of 70. She was completely calm as she explained her decision. By...
  16. peter the postie

    Grandkids..Don't they make you feel good?

    Had to post this. Our grandson is only six years old, and he's following in his big sisters footsteps by making us really proud of him. He plays football for two different local teams, and in his Saturday match yesterday he was voted man of the match. He played again for the other team (in the...
  17. D

    Why do i feel such distrust of emlaks?

    This weekend my wife and İ went house hunting around the Kusadasi area and i had this amazing distrust of all the agents despite my wife saying apart from 1 they were pretty honest!(i dont speak turkish but still had mistrust). İ have bought many properties in the uk and have this pathalogical...
  18. pineapple1

    This Made Me Feel Sick

    Warning this is really horrid . If you ever thought Turkish dogs are treated badly well China is even worse ... At least IMO ..... China: 500 Dogs Heading For Slaughter Are Rescued After Animal Lovers Hold Up Truck In Beijing | World News | Sky News And the comments about it are...
  19. R

    Feel Mislead Thomas Cook

    Hello I booked a flight to Bodrum with Thomas Cook. I booked seats together as it said you also get online check in with this. So I paid £30 for 2 people both ways. I was also told I could check in online via several help emails to Thomas Cook asking about various things. So today I log onto my...
  20. Dalaman Deli


    Anybody round here felt the earthquake a few moments ago? Quite scary!
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