1. Firefox

    Fed up with Manchester

    Its seems even if you hate living in the UK & want to go back to where you come form the Police prevent You.? Iranian migrant 'fed up' of Manchester demands return - BBC News
  2. peter the postie

    One Redirection - Feed the world

    I thought I'd share this with you people. All my ex workmates at the Royal mail invited me to the Xmas do this year, but it was a do with a difference. We recorded a parody Xmas single in a local recording studio :) Just to add to the fun I opened a Facebook page in the bands name, and it has...
  3. teosgirl

    Istiklal Caddesi, protest against the war, live feed

    ?stiklal Caddesi Kameras? II ibbtube.com Live camera on Istiklal street in Istanbul, where people are currently protesting against beginning a war with Syria... Charlotte
  4. C

    help !! wifi feed from turkcell dongle

    Hi i recall reading on here that a MiFi could use my turkcell dongle to create a wifi like link with other devices. I am wondering if anyone can give me more info on how this would work best for me or if other options are available as i dont have the turkish phone line installed and only have...
  5. S

    Always feed your pets!!!

    Serves him right!!! Indonesian man eaten by pet dogs after starving them | News.com.au
  6. G

    Help finding horse feed in Kusadasi

    Hi All, I am new to this site and new to Turkey but I hope you are able to help me?? I have just moved from the UK to just outside of Kusadasi with my horse, I am looking to buy Hay, Straw and Fibre Cubes, can anybody tell me the best place to get it from as I am finding it very hard to source...
  7. james1873

    Losing the ability to feed your family

    Being the father of 3 grown ups and the Grandfather of 4 Grandchildren I totally appreciate the determination to place food on the table, especially at this time of year. My oldest son has just been made unemployed due to the recession in the building trade! I would though, being aware of that...
  8. P

    What shall I feed him

    The Dearly Beloved is due home on Saturday after a 2 week stay over in Yali and I wondered what to feed him on saturday night - what do you guys living there permenantly miss most? Big juicy steak perhaps, or maybe a traditional roast? I do have a few other ideas on how to welcome him home(!!)...
  9. zozatky

    Feed the rescued Animals

    Just ckick on the area its free . Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site
  10. KKOB

    Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets

    Whilst natural foods are always regarded as best, be careful that you're not accidently poisoning your pets. Beware of Toxic Foods
  11. Smiler

    Weed & feed

    Does anyone know if you can, in Turkey, purchase "Weed and Feed" for the garden, in the granuale form as we know it? If so, can you tell me what it is called please? Thanks!!
  12. P

    Feed back please

    Hi me and my partner have a website and would appreciate your comments on it. Thanks. myndosapart.co.uk
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