1. L

    Residency Visa- Tax Fee?

    Hi all, I’m looking into a residency permit so as to stay a few extra weeks in Turkey past my evisa expiration, without becoming unlawful and receiving a bar to return. I was told by a helper agency that if I’m a US citizen, tax fees will be around 1500 TL - which is quite high for me. Is this...
  2. L

    Tourist residency permit - visa fee? Departure?

    Hello all! I’m so happy to a found this forum, it’s answering so many questions for me. I have an inquiry about applying for a tourist residency permit that I’m curious if anyone has a perspective on. I’ve been in Turkey for about two months, my visa expires in about three weeks. Because...
  3. oldfogy

    Transfer Fee for Services

    Does anyone know what the transfer fee is for changing both the electric and water accounts into a new owners name? Just in case districts have different rates this is for Didim, but almost any rough guide will be appreciated.
  4. PASH

    Lawyers fee's to transfer Tapu

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience using a lawyer to aid the sale of a property. Basically to oversee the transfer of Tapu and money. If so, what should i expect to pay for this service. Do i need a lawyer as we will be there in person? Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
  5. Fran Dessop

    £10 Visa Entry Fee?

    Only now starting to read about having a crisp English £10 note per person for Visa entry into Turkey. Is this true?
  6. S

    Residency Fee increase

  7. culturevulture

    Maintenance fee and No Hab Cert????

    I have just been told that the Turkish owners on our site are using the Turkish Law to avoid paying their Maintenance fees, because we don't have our Habitation Cert. Is this true? (this piece of information came via the builder, who has no money). I thought that once you had your Tapu, you were...
  8. T

    Claim Court Fee's Back!

    If, like me, you have had to open a court case & pay 'Court Fee's' in Turkey, when your case is finished you Can & should, get your money back! The Court Fee's are legally your money, whether you win or lose your case! You (probably) won't be told this & will have to 'Ask' your lawyer to...

    Frequency of management fee payments

    Wondering if property owners could let me know how they pay their management/site fees - monthly, six monthly, yearly or another time-scale. The reason I ask is that we have two properties - one we pay monthly in advance and the other six monthly in advance. I'm curious as to what other sites...
  10. V

    overstay penalty fee

    Does anybody knows how much they are going to charge me for 4 month overstay in Turkey? Thank you
  11. G

    border visa fee

    have a friend coming to stay with me for a week soon ,she is now a new zealand resident ,i cannot find out what she would have to pay at the border when she arrives ,and what currency she would have to pay in .any ideas anyone ? many thanks
  12. B

    Maintenance Fee

    "2012-2013 maintanance fee 650 Euro needs to be paid until 30/07/2012. If it doesn't paid until that date %3 monthly interest will be charge and legal process will be start." This arrived in my inbox today! What now, do I pay it, or are there other arrangements now in place? Do we have a...
  13. M

    Community Fee includes Capital Expenditure Items!!

    I am a property owner on the Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort have just received my first full bill for our Community Charge (or Maintenance Fee). It includes huge outlay for capital expenditure on things like sunbeds, security CCTV, public address system, and a well water treatment system. Many of...
  14. L

    flight change fee

    Can't believe Monarch! We may have to change the name on a flight (long story) and they want to charge £100 for the name change, the fee apparently is for the papertwork! There is very little paperwork as you do it on line and how much time will it take their end to amend the details, they are...
  15. B

    Maintenance fee 2012

    Maybe I've missed something in all the other threads, but when we get our request/demand this year (which will be quite soon) for the annual fee, who/where do we send it? Apologies if this has been clarified somewhere else.
  16. Z

    Regarding Maintenance Fee's

    I must clear up some confusion here. What i am asking for is that ALL members of the proposed Owners Committee, which i will inform Mr Ufuk will be formed on the 1st March 2012, will from this date pay their Maintenance fee's into a bank account of our creation and control on the date they are...
  17. K

    Owners not paying thier fee's!!!

    Have any of you had problems in the past with owners not paying their fee's and if so what action did you take, how long did it take and how much did it cost? We do have a legally formed association and 1 member has not paid anything whilst another has paid less than agreed. Kev
  18. Yogi

    A third of universities to charge standard £9,000 fee

    Is this fair? I'll encourage my kids to go to a Scottish Uni for nothing (if they go). -------------------- More than a third of England's universities have had their plans to charge £9,000 for every course officially approved. Some 58% will be allowed to charge £9,000 for at least some...
  19. J

    Site fee debts

    We are a small condominium with an established management structure. This year one owner started to run up site fee debts and ignored written billing demands and warnings. When we eventually caught up with him he said he had just sold the property and it was no longer his problem. We...
  20. D

    Property Transfer Fee Calculator - Testing required

    I have developed an online calculator to help identify the costs involved with buying and selling property in Turkey. Although the calculator is setup for the Bodrum region, most of the fees should transfer to other areas of Turkey. I am looking for a couple of willing testers to give the...
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