1. Tenpin

    News House price index nearly doubled in February

    House price index nearly doubled in February https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/house-price-index-nearly-doubled-in-february-173100 Extract: Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) increased monthly by 13.5 percent in February, while it recorded an annual increase of 96.4 percent in nominal...
  2. Tenpin

    News Turkey Unemployment rate

    https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/amp/unemployment-rate-at-13-4-pct-in-february-163882 Unemployment in Turkey was 13.4 percent in February, up 0.7 percentage points from the previous month, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) released on April 12. The number of...
  3. niyaz

    Dalaman Weather in February

    Would appreciate fed back on weather in February at Dalaman. Thanks. :hmm:
  4. mamish

    WOW! meeting 21 February, 11am to 1pm

    At the next WOW! meeting we're going to be looking at the colour energy of your name and the chakra development it represents. From this you can gain insight into your soul lesson in this lifetime, what experience you have gained in previous lifetimes that will help you on your journey, and...
  5. Yalides

    February jokes

    My best mate has told me he's moving to Towcester - I'm really going to miss seeing him. It's okay though, he told me I can pop up anytime.
  6. C

    Going to izmir in february for 1st time ...

    Hi. New to tlf .. going to izmir in february for 1 week to see my partner & meet the family. With it being first meet i dont want to stay with family so have been looking at hotels .. not sure where to start .. can anyone name any they have stayed at ? & are there any hints & tips for me flying...
  7. S

    Holiday in February

    Hi We are hoping to come to Antalya in February 2015 - can anyone recommend a hotel with indoor pool as I'm sure it will not be very hot. Also are there any health spas in the area as I am just recovering from a stroke and feel that would be beneficial. Also car hire? This is a new area to...
  8. abba

    SGK February payment question

    This morning I attempted to make my February payment at Ziraat Bankasi only to be told there was no money owing. My last payment was for January and I know I have not overpaid since joining. I find it difficult to imagine that I am getting a free ride for this month. Has anyone else had...
  9. Yalides

    February jokes

    A woman from the social services knocked on my door this morning. "We've had a complaint," she said, "Apparently you've not been looking after your 4-year-son properly." "That's rubbish," I said, "He's absolutely fine." "Do you mind if I come in and see him?" she asked. "Be my guest," I...
  10. B

    Nightlife in Bodrum in February

    Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked on here but I just wanna ask does anyone know if there are any clubs that open all night in bodrum? Im going next week! Thanks for your help in advance xx bella
  11. Jaycey

    February jokes 2013

    I saw a car in Alanya with a bumper sticker... I MISS LONDON So I broke the window, stole the radio and laptop and left a note that said... FEELING BETTER NOW?
  12. R


    TRIPs TO ANTALYA STATE OPERA AND BALLET HOUSE FEBRUARY 2013 16th of February (Saturday) - West Side Story, musical Starts at16:00, bus goes from Mahmutlar at 12:30 (only 5 places left) 19th of February (Tuesday) - West Side Sotry, musical Starts at 20:00, bus goes from Mahmutlar at 16:30 28 of...
  13. M

    Travel from Antalya to Bodrum in February

    Can anybody advise the easiest way to travel from Antalya to Bodrum in mid February. I cannot find any flights which go direct, and although I am sure that there must be coaches, I cannot find any. Thanks for any info.
  14. H

    February 28 1997 and Turkey today

    There are several interesting articles in Hürriyet today under Opinion-section: MEHMET ALI BIRAND - The Feb. 28 Process created the AKP and Erdogan "Do not repeat our mistakes We have slammed secularists and their acting gendarmerie the Armed Forces in relation to the Feb. 28 Process enough...
  15. A

    Belfast to Datca February

    Hi, can anyone advise on the best travel arrangements to get to Datca at the end of February? We've been looking at Belfast - London - Instanbul then a bus to Datca. Not sure of bus company to Datca,,Carol our neighbour uses it quite regular but i don't have contact email for her. Alan&Evelyn
  16. ted j

    February Jokes

    Single girl (28 and NOT a natural blonde), fond of reading and smiling coyly Wants to meet ukelele player, fond of hanging around railway platforms Ted
  17. L

    February visit

    We are going out to our apartment on the 19th February flying with Turkish Airlines from Heathrow for 16 days. As usual we will be doing some decorating and sightseeing, a little later this year due to one grandchild being due NYE and another due today. We were just wondering if any other...
  18. G

    February Jokes

    It's late fall and the Indians on a remote reservation in South Dakota asked their new chief if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he had never been taught the old secrets. When he looked at the sky, he couldn't tell what the winter was...
  19. RustyDalyan

    Coming to Dalyan 15 February

    In Dalyan for a week from Monday - what's occurring?
  20. D

    Free Yalıkavak Street Cat Neutering, 17th February 2010

    Please find below information on Free street cat neutering on the 17th of February. The group have requested that you contact them to book in any street cats you have, and don't forget to forward to your friends! Free Yalıkavak Street Cat Neutering: Wednesday, 17th February 2010 The Yalıkavak...
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