1. D

    Feb Jokes '20.

    How come there's always plenty of Tarmac to make "Speed Humps", But never enough, to fill in all the Pot Holes.??
  2. D

    Feb Jokes '19.

    Took the Wife out Boat Fishing yesterday. It was to teach her a valuable, "Life Lesson". After about an hour I caught a nice 18lb Cod. So, I laid it on the Boat Deck and hit it several times over the head, eventually killing it. "Huhh, and what valuable Life Lesson has that taught me"...
  3. B

    EASYJET sale for Oct 18 - Feb 19

    Sale start tomorrow (Thurs) from 6am, for 28th October 2018 – 3rd February 2019 flight.
  4. D

    Feb Jokes '18.

    I spent my whole life being proud of my British heritage, Until I found out that my Great-Grandfather was actually from Transylvania... Now I can’t even look myself in the Mirror.
  5. D

    Feb Jokes '17

    On average, a British man will have Sex two to three times a Week. Where as a Chinese man will have Sex only One or Two times, A YEAR.* This is really upsetting News to me, as I had no idea that I was Chinese.
  6. christella

    feb jokes

    A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."
  7. L

    18th Feb

    Is anyone on here flying 18th Feb to Bodrum with Monarch
  8. Freedom 49

    Table-Top. Sunday 16th Feb.

    Weather permitting, there will be a Table-Top sale at THe Flying Horse in Side, this next Sunday morning. A flying visit to Kuşadası to complete another sale, enabled me to get into see Mustafa and replenish some of our British Food products that people were looking for last week. Branston...
  9. G

    Orthodox Divine Liturgy Feb 17th 2013

    Mahmutlar News, Mahmutlar, English News from Mahmutlar has posted a new item, '' The Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Alanya The Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Alanya – Mahmutlar News, Mahmutlar, English News from Mahmutlar On Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 9:00, at the church of St. George in Alanya, the...
  10. N

    visa before 1st of feb

    Can anyone tell me if you entered Turkey on 31/12/11 and leave on 25/03/12,using a 90 day visa would you still be allowed to go out of Turkey and reenter as new rule came into effect on 01/02/12,thanx for help xx
  11. D

    Sunday 19th Feb, Bitez (Akvarium koyu) beach cleaning

    FYI, the Bodrum University of the third age group (Herodotus Academy) have organised a beach-cleaning exercise this Sunday. The group will meet at Bitez marina at 10.30am and will clean up the Bitez - Aquarium bay coastal area. For more information see: Herodotus Academy: Sunday walk - Bitez...
  12. A

    Syrian referendum on new constitution announced for 26 Feb.

    Syrian state TV has announced the government will hold a referendum on a new constitution on February 26, in an attempt to end the conflict that has wracked the country for 11 months. President Assad has confirmed a new constitution has been drafted, but the referendum had previously been...
  13. D

    New tourist visa (90/180) regulations - 1st Feb start reminder

    This is just a reminder that (to the best of my knowledge), the new tourist visa rules (90 days in 180 days) will kick in for all tourist visits into Turkey from the 1st February. Remember that the main change is that the back-to-back visa runs loophole has been closed. If you are not aware...
  14. Ian2006

    Hotel Wien - Alanya - Feb 2012

    Hi - we are looking to come over from Fethiye to Alanya for a few nights in early Feb to see if life is as some say - slower and warmer :-) Has anyone stayed at this hotel - reports are average - I know it is cheap & cheerful but very well priced and centrally located - so will suit our needs...
  15. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 5th Feb, 2011

    FYI, The next Bitez book sale will be on Saturday 5th Feb, from 11am to 1pm at Defne Restaurant in Bitez. For more information please check out the Bodrum Bulletin online calendar, where we will add the latest informaiton as we receive it. Dave.
  16. culturevulture

    Altinkum via Izmir in feb.?

    Hi, Is anyone travelling to Altinkum via Izmir February 25th? Would you be interested in sharing transfer? Mary.
  17. W

    flight for sale....8th feb

    Hi all, Flight for sale, last minute.....from London Gatwick to Dalaman.....8th Feb- 29th march..........dates can be changed.......£177 (plus name change fee) o.n.o please pm if interested. Thanks
  18. ceemac

    One Day National Strike Tomorrow (Feb 4)

    Workers unions on Tuesday decided to hold a strike on Feb. 4 in support of dismissed Tekel workers following a meeting between Confederation of Turkish Labor Unions (Türk-İş) President Mustafa Kumlu and government officials late on Monday, which failed to produce a “favorable solution.” Here C
  19. C

    Dalaman - Gatwick Feb 2010 €22

    Hi guys just been on the flythomascook website and feb 1st,8th and 15th they have a deal of €22.58 flight for Dalaman to Gatwick. typically when i was looking to book couple weeks ago prices were loads more - decided in future to wait until closer to the time to book. hope this is of good...
  20. D

    Dalyan 5th Feb - Sing a long Mama Mia at Tequila Bar

    We are holding a sing-a-long Mama Mia night at the Tequila Bar Dalyan on Thursday 5th February. Movie will start at 8.00 pm & we will follow with Sex & the City, depending on time. All welcome
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