1. bickern

    Call for black person to feature on new £50 note

    Call for black person to feature on new £50 note An MP has called for Mary Seacole to become the first ever black person to feature on British currency after the Bank of England confirmed plans for a new £50 note. The Bank of England has announced that the “more secure” polymer notes will be...
  2. B

    Lions head water feature & pump

    :help: Does anyone know where we can buy a Lions head for a water feature and an adjustable water pump for same. Thanks
  3. teosgirl

    Women feature prominently in this weeks news

    Child victim gets blame in Mardin rape case - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Can anyone please explain to me how a 13 year old child was 'willing', if it's already been established that the child was 'sold'? Rising murder rates and 'honour killings' in Turkey highlight the real...
  4. G

    Free indoor water feature

    Before going to bed last night I checked the forecast, storms forecast last night and today. Being a bit thick did I put a bucket down where we have had an occasional 'drip' before? No. The rain through the night was torrential, I was lying in my nice comfortable warm bed, dog fast asleep at my...
  5. Mushtaq

    Using the Album Feature

    In case anyone is having problems uploading their photos to the album, here is a mini tutotial. Goto the photo album section. http://www.turkishestateagents.com/forum/photo_album.asp Then press the button 'Edit Your Album/Upload Files' <center></center> Then press 'Upload Files Into Album'...
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