1. B

    Does Britain fear Muslims?

    Britain's fear of Muslims 'needs to go' - Al Jazeera English I think that this is a good article by Amir Khan. He seems to talk a lot of sense. Bill.
  2. bal canavar

    Fear of Police State

    The recent Kurdish Protests have allowed RTE to enact a so called Security Package of measures. Which will enable him to stifle the Kurdish protests , but also from ANYONE who decides to protest against his AKP led Government. He is using the excuse of the Kurdish protests to...
  3. northpole

    What ls Your Fear

    We all have fears in our lives."But",there is one fear l have which originated from my childhood,and that is an attack from a leech. Here is a photo of a giant leech.The one that attack me was half that size,but it put the frighteners in me. What is your biggest fear This article is from the...
  4. S

    Fear factor in UK

    I think this article shows just how frightening England has become - leaves me very sad when I was a kid the worst thing we had was a catapult Eleven-year-old child arrested for gun possession - Parentdish
  5. Mushtaq

    Tesco will kill our town, fear traders.

    The future of one of Northern Ireland’s busiest shopping towns is being threatened by a controversial out-of-town superstore, it has been warned. Yesterday, after two rejected planning applications, the green light was given to Tesco to open a new 80,000 sq ft complex on the outskirts of...
  6. Yalides

    Pandemic fear after woman catches Man Flu

    A woman from Stroud has caught Man Flu, prompting fears that women may have become susceptible to a new strain of the disease for the first time. Thirty-five-year-old Andrea Jennings complained of a sore throat and feeling 'a bit bunged up' and then instead of just struggling on regardless...
  7. alison09400

    Fear of Flying...

    Is anyone else like me and feels physically sick at the thought of getting on to an aeroplane? What do you do when you have to take a journey which involves flying? Up until 2002 I had no qualms whatsoever..infact I couldn't wait to get on and get buckled in to my seat, ready for takeoff...
  8. Joe in Tasucu

    The goalkeeper's fear of the penalty kick.

    The mistake by Rob Green highlighted the inherant danger of being a 'keeper. A goalie can have a brilliant game and have one piece of luck (bad) and lose the game. A striker can have a dreadful game and have one piece of luck (good) and win the game. The only time the pressure of the...
  9. ceemac

    Women Fear for their Lives - Social Service Manager Unimpressed

    Three women's organizations in south-eastern Turkey describe the alarming situations of women who have been exposed to severe physical or psychological violence. They point out problems with provincial Social Services regarding different approaches and co-operation. Here C

    Never fear

    Well good afternoon all my fellow GG's. Arrived in Gibraltar yesterday, well last night. Have not had any lugguage, gone missing. It's 3 45 pm here and still no word. Went to BHS & MARKIES to get some clothes and then had to go and buy a load of toiletries. I think i have spent about £300 so...
  11. J

    Our dog's fear

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any good tips for helping our dog overcome his fear. He is frightened of getting into our van to the extent that he just can't bring himself to get in. We've tried a trail of biscuits and a bone to entice him, but he just isn't interested. We want him to feel...
  12. Andy

    Triskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13.

    Today is Friday 13th and many people stay in doors for fear of something happening to them this is called Triskaidekaphobia = the fear of the number 13. Have you got a phobia, i'll start the ball rolling. I have a fear of crowds where i get the shakes and ashma like effects.
  13. immac

    Christians in Fear

    From AP: Christians in Turkey fear more attacks after killings at publishing house BENJAMIN HARVEY - The Associated Press / Malatya 21 April 2007 The slayings of three Christians in eastern Turkey highlight the country's uneasy relationship with its minorities, and Christians expressed...
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