1. B

    Fax number Fethiye branch Garantibank

    Hi, does anyone have a direct fax number for the Fethiye branch of Garantibank? I was told to write a letter, from the UK, but do not want to wait possibly several weeks for it to be received and actioned, :42: if at all possible. Thanks for any help! :-)
  2. C

    Fax Machine

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a fax machine anywhere in town? Cheers, Cici
  3. kemerkid

    AC, fax, pc.

    I have been instructed by the management that I need to get rid of some stuff to make room for more junk so I am offering up some items to see if they generate some interest. I have a mobile heat pump air conditioning unit which we are not using. We used it during the winter early in 2007 for...
  4. P

    FAX no needed for Oylum Garden Hotel in Icmeler

    Hello I usually post on the yalikavak site so I am new to the Marmaris site My daughter and friend are stopping at the Oylum Garden Hotel in Icmeler this week. Due to the collapse of Kiss her return transfer times have changed I have a document ( transfer Voucher) that I want to fax to her...
  5. R

    Trying to send a fax to Turkey??

    Hello I am trying to send a fax to Turkey. Trying to book a hire car up with Propercar. Cannot seem to get through, been trying 24 hours, my fax machine just keeps saying, no connection. The fax number is Fax : +90 (252) 316 88 43. What should I be dialing from the Uk? Thanks
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