1. T

    Favorite Turkish Food

    Merhaba all, My name is Cenk, I moved from Istanbul to the US last year. One thing that has been driving me crazy is how hard it is to find my favorite Turkish foods here. This gave me an idea, I’m bringing in a bunch of my favorite foods from Turkey and sending them out to people every month -...
  2. mollag

    favorite B sides

    Just trying to track down "love-itis" the b side of private number by Judy Clay and William Bell and got to thinking what with cd's etc, we dont get b sides now, they were a mainstay in my pub haunting years, one of my faves was " Rats" the b side of Lola by the Kinks, unfortunate title cos that...
  3. Yalides

    What is your favorite destination?

    Would be the Caribbean for me.
  4. ted j

    Favorite Christmas song

    What's your favourite Cristmas song(s). This one always makes me laugh.
  5. mollag

    My favorite dish--fish!

    Just spotted by Starbucks in Bodrum, on the marina, a new fish resteraunt being prepped for opening. It looks for the world a bit like McD's with the colour piccies but what a variety of fish! Salmon, pollak, plaice even fish fingers. It looks very interesting, its called Nordsee [northsea?]...
  6. ceemac

    Turkish doner kebab becomes Germany's favorite fast food

    Forget about bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of sausages — doner kebab, or shawarma, has overtaken traditional German fast food as the country's favorite snack on the go. Here C
  7. V

    Favorite Restaurants in Datca

    Lets see it from the positive site. What are your favorite restaurants in the Datca Area? Ours are: Beyaz Amca Culinarium Yakamengen (yakakoy) Kardesler (near the migros) What are your favorites? Jeroen
  8. Ms Who

    Favorite Line from a Movie

    Been channel flicking of late and have found the TPS channels - Its a french channel but if its dubbed you can change the language back to English. Anyway the other night I was channel hopping and I came across "Phenomenon" a John Travolta & Kyra Sedgwick movie and I remembered it had my...
  9. Mushtaq

    Top 5 or Favorite Movies

    How about your Top 5 or Favorite Movies ? Mine are in no particular order, and what I can remember :lol:; Scarface Malena (Italian) Gladiator Sin City The Hairdresser's Husband (French)
  10. merlin

    LykiaWorld on BBC's Favorite Vacation Spots List....

    The BBC has included the LykiaWorld in the list of favourite vacation spots for Summer 2005. LykiaWorld's management, Silkar Tourism and Investment issued a statement confirming the success of the placing in the list. LykiaWorld hosts 30,000 people a year, 25 percent being British. The...
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