1. A

    Faulty Gas Regulator

    Dear all, we were at hillside last month, although we had a fantastic time as usual, but also had more than our fair share of excitments! Top of the list was the fire we suffered as a result of a faulty gas regulator which was part of the initial items included in the sale of apartment. The...
  2. Briand

    faulty software update from McAfee

    Beware anti virus problems link Below. Worldwide PC freeze as McAfee antivirus program targets harmless Windows file as virus | Mail Online Briand. :crying:
  3. R

    Faulty Electric Meter

    Pay my electric bills standing order through GARANTI BANK 2 weeks in July cost me 438 lira,thinking this must be some mistake. When we was out there again end of september.checked our meter to find out it was faulty.paid our site manager to get new meter.85 lira.but we had to wait 10 days for it...
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