1. christella

    bus fare

    i know it seems daft but im coming to turkey to see Sevil to have our teeth done staying at the Venosa hotel in Yesilkent how much does it cost on the bus to Altinkum as i have a few TL and and i want to change my money in altinkum
  2. C

    bus fare

    Hello how much does it cost to get mugla from marmaris centre . Do you take a dolmus? what are the bus times. thanks
  3. oldfogy

    Best Train times & fare prices to Stansted

    Has anyone any experience of trains in the UK for late May, preferably going from Birmingham to Stansted and basically with knowledge of what days of the week are the cheapest day's to travel, although I'm actually looking for evening time journeys arriving at Stansted about 21:00 or 'just...
  4. J

    Taxi fare - Ercan to Kyrenia?

    Hellooo Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from Ercan airport to Kyrenia please.:der: Thanks Jan:becky:
  5. L

    Taxi fare - Kadriye to Belek ?

    Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from Kadriye to Belek. Thank you
  6. A89

    Bus fare increase.

    From 1st Jan 2012 bus fares (citybus) will increase to 2tl per journey if paying cash and 1.50tl if you use a kentcard. Still a bargain IMO!! Alison
  7. H

    Dolmus fare for children

    Do the dolmus buses charge a fare for young children in Didim?
  8. John LeNeve

    Great fare from Los Angeles

    I'm fooling around trying to find a good fare from California to Turkey. Just found a round trip for $1,100 on Turkish Airlines for a direct flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul! That's only 13 hours to Istanbul not the normal 18. Travel in June.
  9. Andrew

    Taxi Fare - Izmir to Altinkum

    Can anyone please let me know the approximate taxi fare from Izmir Airport to Altinkum. :car: What was the availability and journey like? Many thanks, Andrew
  10. juco

    taxi fare Altinkum to Akbuk

    Anyone know ( approx) the cost of a taxi from Altinkum to Akbuk. thanks Juco
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