1. icebern09

    F.A.O Arrian

    Hi there my lovely cyber friend. Sorry to hear about your hiccup this week, it sounds as if this may be a regular happening so please dont let it get you down. The fact that you feel ok is good, gives you more oomph for the fight. Chin up friend, keep the faith. Lesley2
  2. W

    FAO Bodrum residents

    For those of you who are applying for Residency Visa's in Bodrum. Bodrum Passport Police no longer take applications, You have to go to the Harbour in Icmeler (just the other side of Bodrum)
  3. Trevor

    fao mushtaq

    hiya, can you contact brusandra please? she needs a password so she can abuse us in the chat room again lol:95im: trev xx
  4. V

    FAO: Brian and Jo

    Hi Trying to get in touch with you both regarding the Arfin Consultancy - we are in the exact same situation and would love to hear back from you - maybe we can exchange information? Please can you pm me your email address? (It wont let me post mine on here) Thanks Siobhan
  5. L

    FAO TRACEY - Turunc

    Hi Tracey, I shall be in Turunc 8th May, hope to see you there, perhaps we could meet up at Nivana or Habit bar. Joan
  6. Tonya

    FAO Mushtaq - photos of Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi Mushtaq, just wondering if you have any pics online of the Altinkum area, like you did with the Fethiye ones? :)
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