1. D

    FANTASY CRICKET 2015 Season.

    If your taking part in this year's, Daily Telegraph Fantasy Cricket. Please come along and join My League below. You get one team that is free to play. LEAGUE NAME - Payneful to Play. PIN NUMBER - 8056816
  2. N

    Fantasy Football

    Congratulations to Richard Dirksen for winning the TFL Fantasy football league. I won it last year and came second in my local league this year:first:, but was well thrashed by Richard. Well done mate .
  3. H

    Killing a fantasy figure...

    Tolerant and peaceful Muslims? Santa Claus figure stabbed in Istanbul
  4. L

    TLF Fantasy league

    Isn't anyone going to start the TLF Fantasy League,I know Yogi done it for a few years,very well I might add but haven't seen anyone prepared to do it this season.Come on Yogi where are you.
  5. P

    TLF Fantasy league.

    I have been having all sorts of problems logging in over the last few weeks,anyone else?
  6. M

    Tlf fantasy football 2012-2013

    Hı All, I have set up TLF Fanstasy football league for thıs season. Thıs year we hav 2 leagues,one standard and one head to head league. The normal league entry code ıs 631528-160806 The head to head league code ıs 631528-160815 Please go to to regıster your team...
  7. M

    TLF Fantasy football

    Hı All, Is anyone ınterested ın TLF Fantasy football for 2012/2013 season? As Yogı ıs no longer avaılable,ı am wıllıng to run ıt thıs season. Please come back wıth your comments. Mark
  8. P

    TLF Fantasy League.

    With the Premiership starting in a few weeks will there be another TLF Fan league.I haven't seen Yogi on for a while,anyone know what's happening?
  9. P

    Fantasy League problem?

    Although I can get to the fantasy league home page I can't log,it's comes up as unsafe,in anyone else have a problem.
  10. Yogi

    TLF Fantasy Football 2011/2012

    It’s back! Another season of the TLF Premier is shortly about to kick-off - Aug 13th . So get your teams registered at the website below. Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League Plenty of time before the start of the season but you can...
  11. mollag

    Fantasy Boxing

    As there is a lot of heavy stuff about, how about something lighter? Easy peasy, just pick two people from history and match them in the ring, your reasoning and result should follow, a starter for den Margaret Thatcher V Arthur Scargill Not sure if they ever met but if they did i would have...
  12. Yogi

    TLF Fantasy Football

    After the resounding success of the "TLF Premier" last season it's back, errr... well there were 6 of us but you gotta start somewhere! Go here Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier League Register then join the league, the code is 268805-81865 Let's face...
  13. shirleyanntr

    between fact and fantasy the ergenekon case i hope this link works..its the first really detailed account of what is really gong on with this everybody is confused by the claims and counterclaims. İt gives some clarity to the whole affair from all...
  14. ted j

    Fantasy newspaper headlines

    What would be your favourite fantasy newspaper headline?........... Only 2 rules, 1, nothing to do with smoking, 2 AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mine would probably be"10p cure for cancer found!", "Guy Fawkes dna rebuids android, who completes the original task" And "World poverty, now a...
  15. Yogi

    Fantasy Football League - TLF Premier

    Not sure if this has been done before but I've set up a Fantasy Football league for anyone interested, here:- Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier League Just a bit of fun, the prize been TLF Bragging rights. It's very easy to register and join the league...
  16. Andy

    Fantasy share buy

    Here we are then for anyone to join in, there will be a minimum of £2000 buy and you will hold £10,000 for the time being just to see how it goes. I will post a link where you can find out how much you can buy and sell for in your Portfolio. Just put in...
  17. S

    Aqua Fantasy Resort....

    Goodmorning ., Am i allowed to put a link on here for the Aqua Fantasy resort?? found their website and there is a good video of the Aqua park in "motion" so to speak, if anyone was going and needed to see before they went .......we are off on sunday and seeing the video has got the kids well...
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