1. IbrahimAbi

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans for getting rid of the leaches that were the Oyston family. May they now move forward with vigour
  2. S

    For all you Sinead O Connor fans......

    English football fans

    Why does no one like English football fans ? I wonder if these thugs will be so keen to take on the Russian police this summer ..
  4. bickern

    For all Chris Evans fans.

    I hope he gets prosecuted. Pair urinate in full view of passing traffic on the busy motorway “He was bending over and looked as though he was ogling his mate’s willy for a laugh. “Then Chris joined him and it looked like they were comparing sizes or something. “They didn’t seem bothered...
  5. teosgirl

    Radiohead fans in Istanbul attacked by extremists

    Radiohead fans assaulted in Istanbul for 'drinking alcohol' during Ramadan - LOCAL Extremists Attack Radiohead Fans In Turkey Extremists have done this kind of thing a few times now, including art galleries and theatres. I doubt they'll be severely punished. Charlotte
  6. Firefox

    English Fans Show

    The lads really did us proud last night and put on a show for the Brixit Camp. Well done Boys good Birthday present for H.M Queen your made your Mark. Thugs sing ?F**k off Europe we?re all voting out? Marseille turned into a war zone ahead of England and Russia's Euro 2016 clash - Mirror Online
  7. bickern

    Sorry Linux fans

    Sorry Linux fans, Windows 10 will continue Microsoft's desktop domination. I'll admit, when Windows 8 was first announced, I hated it. Even though I am open-minded about UI changes, the Start Screen rubbed me the wrong way. At the time, I was strictly a keyboard and mouse user, who enjoyed...
  8. Kingfisher

    Life for football fans?

    Prosecutors have demanded aggravated life imprisonment for 35 members of the iconic supporter group of Beşiktaş, çArşı, on charges of “attempting to overthrow the government” in Arab Spring-like fashion for leading last year’s Gezi protests in Istanbul, Turkish media reported Sept. 8. Turkish...
  9. mollag

    For classical guitar fans

    A great video of playing with passion, I love it.
  10. C

    For Mıchael Connolly fans

    I love Michael Connelly's books and here's something I think all Harry Bosch fans will be interested in: "The pilot episode of BOSCH is now available in the USA on Amazon Instant Video here: Bosch [HD]: Season 1, Episode 1 "Pilot [HD]": Amazon Instant Video. And in the UK on...
  11. G

    News for Football Fans

    Kasim, the owner of Terrace Bar (on top of Migros) told me yesterday, that he now has a program that shows a lot pf UK Football Matches ! Gordie
  12. arrian

    CSI Fans

    I just had to share this!!!!! chatting with my daughter and grand daughter today about the CSI programmes, I said I had recently found Law and Order Los Angeles, with Alfred Molina, English actor playing the part of an American detective. my grand daughter said she loves watching the one with...
  13. Briand

    Opera Fans.

    Our 14 year old Granddaughter singing opera :animation at Vista the other night in between the Mickytaker s break. quality is only from a mobile This link works now.
  14. SLEEPY

    Where do utd fans live

    Not sure about this one but I though it was worth sharing plus I am a little embarrassed about reading The Telegraph(just checking to see if Maggie is still with us) Anyway what do you think. Twitter map finally reveals exactly where Manchester United fans live - Telegraph
  15. perfect1949

    i bet you never saw that one coming man/u fans

    Manchester United gets Van Persie , they kept that quite . dave Wenger - I had no choice | Arsenal News, Fixtures, Results, Transfers | Sky Sports
  16. M

    Macdonalds Fans

    For all you Macdonalds fans it's opening next week just past the Million shop on the way down to the sea front:)
  17. B

    Buying Ceiling Fans Altinkum/Didim?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before. We are looking to buy a couple of (hopefully) high quality ceiling fans for our house in Akbuk in May. Anyone know the best shop/place to buy them in the Altinkum/ Didim area? Thanks in advance. Mel and Anne.
  18. S

    The "pluck" of the Irish fans!!!!!

    BBC News - My life as an Estonian football coach - the fan who bluffed for Ireland
  19. Tommie

    Misty fans

    Has anyone seen or used a misty fan? These are about the size of a normal fan but have a water reservoir at the bottom so it can throw out mist if requred. They seem ideal in this hot weather. Not sure if it's a good idea to use tap water, though. The ones I have seen are remote controlled.
  20. 1

    Sad news for rugby union fans

    A member of SA 1995 world cup team Van der Westhuizen has been diagnosed with an illness, very similar to Motor Neurone disease. Very sad, puts everything in perspective.... x
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