1. S

    Different Family Name Issue

    Hello there, I am Turkish and I have dual citizenship . I graduated from a university abroad so my name and family name on the certificate is different than the ones in Turkey. I am applying for a job abroad and I want to apply using my Turkish passport, so how can I make this happen ? do I need...
  2. I

    Family residency

    I had a family residency for over ten years but left Turkey May 2018 to look after my sick mother back in the uk. I am now looking to move back & join my wife as my mother has now died. Will I have a problem re-applying or will it be straight forward.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Family Hour

    I have deliberately put this on the Health Forum, as, to my mind, it relates to the health of the family. One of the leading Turkish conglomerates, Koç Holding’s subsidiary, KoçSistem; which offers digitalization solutions to Turkey’s leading brands, has launched a social responsibility...
  4. juco

    Family & Google

    I give up.! Google Says “Family” is Now an OFFENSIVE Word 🤦‍♂️ - YouTube
  5. B

    Transferring apartment ownership after a family death

    I am new to this forum and I’m just trying to find out some information. My situation is that my brother-in-law owns a property in Turkey, but unfortunately he has recently passed away and we need to find out how we go about transferring the property to another family member. I need to know if...
  6. J

    Pickup Truck as a family car, downsides?

    I've been looking at the price of double cab pickup trucks like the Nissan Navara and Toyota Hi luxury as an alternative to something like an X-Trail or Rav4... They're significantly cheaper to buy and even the yearly tax appears to be cheap (if you get the 2WD version).. Downsides I can think...
  7. S

    My family is Gulenist, but not me....why do turks consider gulenists terrorists?

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I just wanted to get a Turkish perspective.......I grew up surrounded by gulenists, and raised by gulenists, but I have since distanced myself from that group and I have made arrangements to join another Turk kultur merkiz here in the USA......but I'm...
  8. N

    Save yourself the heartache and avoid the Cigdem Family

    In 2006, together with many others from the UK I purchased an off plan villa in Kusadasi, Turkey from a gentleman by the name of Ken Cigdem from Rugby. This was going to be our dream home, the place where we would retire and spend the rest of our remining years there. All my dealings were made...
  9. F

    Looking for Family Acc for few days in July

    Hi, Will be in Belek for a spell in Jun/Jul and was going to drive to Bodrum and spend a few days there before flying back Anyone have any recommendations for Family Accomodation (2Adults,3Teens), for approx 11Jul-15Jul (3-4nights ish) ? i have had a look at and airbnb. If...
  10. christella

    the family olive gardens

    the family have left olive gardens they will be sadly missed
  11. simpsons

    Muslim family refused entry to US

    Labour MP Stella Creasy calls on David Cameron to challenge US over Muslim family refusal | UK | News | Daily Express What I would like to know is: A) If they were a family travelling to Disneyland, where were the mothers? B) The US can refuse entry to anybody who is not American. Why is...
  12. E

    Moving to Turkey with the family

    Hi, We are thinking of moving to Turkey with our family next Sept for a trial period of a year and to possibly stay longer if it all works out. We have visited the same place for over 20 years and know it well and have many friends there, and we would like to try a life near Bodum or in the...
  13. Firefox

    Another family Syria

    Yet another family of 6 leave Sunny Slough for Syria over 2 weeks. Family of six 'on way Syria' pictured at Calais - ITV News The Met police will be deployed on a Jolly to repatriate the Brits Back :ukflag:
  14. T

    British hostage John Cantlie has told his family to ‘let him go’ just days after appe

    This is so sad The photojournalist also told his loved ones they needed to ‘get on with their lives’ while adding that he hoped his fiancé had ‘forgotten’ him. He writes: "Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. But let it go. Leave it be and get on with your lives, all of you.” ISIS...
  15. F

    Overnight Family Stay around Fethiye

    Hi, Have a villa in Belek but looking to visit Fethiye area for a night or maybe two in June 2015. Can anyone recommend somewhere that can facilitate a family of 5 ? Open to any suggestions Rgs Paul
  16. bickern

    Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

    I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. -------------------------------------------- The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince...
  17. K

    Looking for my wife's family in Izmir

    Hi guys, We are trying to locate my wife's family in Izmir. Her grandfather (deceased) is from Izmir but was born in Syria. A relative of my wife visited them seven years ago (but is refusing to disclose their information for some reason). Please advise us on the best way to do this as we...
  18. S

    Turkey- tragic family condition

    Heart breaking
  19. C

    family holiday

    Hi we are new to the forum and looking for some help we are coming over for a family holiday to Altinkum , Didum to be exact and looking for some pointers we are staying in a hotel all inclusive but we love to get out and about and mix with the real people we are a family and really like eating...
  20. RedBloodedHound

    Trevors' little scheme.

    Not sure which section to put this in. High tech Goatherds. BBC News - Where donkeys power the internet Shame we can't get signal in the middle of Wales.
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