1. jewel

    My lovely Dad's 5 mins of fame !!!!

    Well what a day !!!!! this morning my lovely Dad sat with David Cameron at the side of his hospital bed in Blackpool Victoria Hospital, he featured on Granada reports,ITV and BBC.....he also did a bedside radio interview with Radio Lancashire. He was sooooo chuffed and was the hospitals...
  2. Karyn UK

    I think I just had my 15 seconds of fame!

    We are back in the UK currently and this morning, whilst lounging around watching morning tv we got a bit of a shock! The BBC is currently running a property program in the mornings - Homes Live! - and yesterday they were talking about renovation stories and asking for before and after...
  3. shirleyanntr

    alanya's claim to fame

    Guinness Welcomes World's Longest Cake Baked In Turkey Published: 3/22/2007...Turkish Press ANTALYA - A Guinness certificate has been delivered to cooks in Alanya town of Mediterranean city of Antalya who baked "world`s longest cake" last year. On April 25th, 2006 in Alanya, 285 Turkish...
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