1. J

    Travel ınsurance for famıly vısıtor

    Does anyone know wıth all the changes recently wıth vısa etc whether ıt ıs copulsory to take out a travel medıcal ınsurance for a famıly vısıt of 5 days. ın the past my son has never bothered but wondered ıf thıs ıs a must now.
  2. shirleyanntr

    young Gay abducted by famıly

    the young lad pictured in the article has been missing since February. his father a policeman and his uncle a military man had threatened to kill him and he had applied to the courts for protection without much success although his father and uncle were given a 3 day prison sentence for...
  3. S

    excellent famıly hotel

    Hı I have recently moved from raıny uk to Turkey and ı found a brıllıant hotel ın Calıs ıts called the Orange Otel and ı spent a week there before ı found a house to rent close by. They charge 25 lıra for B & B and you can get evenıng meal for a few lıra more. I saıd ı would let the world know...
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