1. S

    Shinners Do X Factor!!!!!

    Watch: X Factor spoof taking a swipe at Sinn Fein for continuing to celebrate IRA is an online hit - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  2. beyazbayan

    Feel good factor

    İ am passing this on today because it worked for me. A doctor on TV said to have inner peace in our lives we should always finish things we start. Since we could all do with a bit more calm in our lives İ looked around my house to see things İ had started but not finished. So İ finished a...
  3. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering July 20th - 27th 2014

    Northern Soul Gathering will take place for 1 week at the Venosa Beach Resort & Spa, Didim Altinkum 20th - 27th July 2014. For further details contact chrisinan@hotmail.com K.T.F :)
  4. Sunny Seasider

    X Factor 2013

    Well here it is, Boot Camp has started, down to the last 100 contestants. Gary has - The Groups. Sharon has - The Oldies. Louis has - The Boys Nicole has - The Girls. Let the excitement begin. Love it?, or hate it?
  5. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 21st - 28th July 2014

    Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 Turkey 'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 21 July - 28th July 2014 The Venosa Hotel Beach Resort & Spa - Altinkum/Didim TURKEY PM for further details Keep The Faith! :3: .
  6. S

    X factor

    Just been forced to sit through X factor and all I can say is I'm glad my children don't live in the same country as that freak rylan
  7. S

    X factor 2012

    Well here we go again. Usual formula, Nice bloke but can't sing - the boy from Nando's:painkille Jaw dropping performance - the boy from Asda:music: Kicking off - pink tribute singer (way over the top):animation Sweet - 16yr old singer/songwriter:31: Horrible judge - Scary Spice (like the Spice...
  8. altinkum kev

    frankie out of x factor

    You could see he was on drugs when he was on stage. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sh ... actor.html
  9. lara

    Sun factor 50..........was needed today!

    Unbelievable, it was so hot today a real T-shirt and shorts day. It was so hot I actually contemplated putting the a/c on in the car:) It was hotter here than Honalulu!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. bickern

    The X Factor returns

    Yes, it is that time of year again. The X Factor will return to ITV1 with an all-new judging panel on Saturday, August 20 at 8pm.
  11. Peaceplant

    UK reject wins French X Factor!!

    Well done to Matthew :) British X Factor Reject Wins French Version - Yahoo! News and here's a sample; YouTube - ‪Matthew R. Barker - Use Somebody ( X Factor )‬‏ and singing in French;
  12. S

    Fear factor in UK

    I think this article shows just how frightening England has become - leaves me very sad when I was a kid the worst thing we had was a catapult Eleven-year-old child arrested for gun possession - Parentdish
  13. P

    Power Factor Penalty

    Hello all, I am a college student in the US and I am writing a report on electric utilities in Turkey. Specifically, I am looking for information on power factor penalties. Does anyone have a good source of information on this topic? Also, if anyone would be willing to share a copy of their...
  14. P

    A big voice on X Factor.

    YouTube - Mary Byrne's X Factor Audition (Full Version) - itv.com/xfactor
  15. peter the postie

    X Factor filming

    Today Denise & I are off to the filming of the X Factor Manchester auditions. Cheryl wont be there due to illness :( .. but I have heard that Kylie is in Manchester.. I think she'd make a perfect stand in for Cheryl :becky:
  16. KKOB

    X Factor - 1902

    The music's pretty good too! YouTube - Ian Oliver feat. Eastenders - Vino Vino (Radio Mix)
  17. saffie

    Stacey is out!!

    So it's down to Olly and Joe in the X Factor finals. Bit miffed.....tried to vote for JOE and got a message saying I wasn't allowed to vote! Hmphhh.................. Well it's still JOE for me. saffie
  18. M

    x factor votes

    as some of you may remember i mentioned some time ago that i know joe mceldery as he used to work at the same place as me in south shields. he has done extremely well and everyone in south shields is proud of him and we are hoping he will win. he is a really genuine guy and what you see on tv is...
  19. gerald

    Bloke has a hard time on X factor

    YouTube - Xtra Factor 2009 Episode 2 - Steve
  20. M

    x factor

    the x factor returns to our screens on saturday night, there is a young lad i know called joe from south shields who is appearing on the show. he is an excellent singer, he did appear on the show a couple of years ago and got through to boot camp, but he was only 16 at the time and was homesick...
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