1. Leo

    New Facility on TLF ?

    Are there any new facilities on TLF ? Today I received an email which said it had been forwarded via TLF from someone called marvx, asking about shared ownership on a TAPU. In an effort to be helpful searched for this person, but could not find them of the message on TLF. Is this a scam or...
  2. S

    Aydem On-line facility not working?

    Hi there Just wondering whether anyone else is having a problem getting updated info re electricity bills via the Aydem online site. When I log in I can see all my previous bills but not the most recent one relating to our visit last month. I'm sure that the bill will have been paid as we have...
  3. E

    Questions about some facility costs

    We have just had the yearly meeting of our facility. Since we are relatively new to living here I`d like to ask other owners if some of the costs seem to be too high to you. 24 hour security (no camera system) 45,000 Lira yearly Complex administrator 12,000 Lira yearly Elevator service (3...
  4. E

    2 legal questions about a living facility

    We bought an apartment in Alanya last year and I was wondering if somebody here can help me with this. In our facility there are 4 buildings with a total of 140 apartments. One of the buildings with 30 apartments has not been in use yet and is therefore not making any costs as a whole. The...
  5. shirleyanntr

    search facility

    although i do use the search facility and know my way around the forum ive noticed that there are often comments referring members to the 'search' İ'm wondering why people dont get enough benefit from it and is there any way it could be changed to make it more prominent and usable..sometimes...
  6. John O' Dreams

    Edit Facility

    I think the facility for members to edit their posts should only be available for 30 minutes. That is ample time to check for any mistakes made or for reflection on what was posted. Having the facility available 'ad infinitum' may tempt less scrupulous members to alter their posts (or delete...
  7. Mushtaq

    Forum search facility

    Please try to find an answer to you question using the search facility (top of page, near the logo) A lot of things have been covered before and might save you time.
  8. Mushtaq

    New flights and packages facility added

    I have added a facility for members to search for charter flights and cheap package holidays to Turkey, please give it a go and see what sort of prices it throws up. At the moment I have tweaked the destination to Turkey, but all sorts of charter packages are available. You can book online and...
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