1. J

    Help - how to access mammogram facilities

    Hi all, Am currently living in Dalyan and have a breast problem. I need a mammogram to exclude anything sinister but am not sure how or where to have one done. I went to the medical centre here in Dalyan this morning and saw a doctor really briefly. He didn't examine me, just said I need to go...
  2. L

    Storage Facilities in Ovacik/Fethiye area?

    Does anyone know of any storage facilities in the Ovacik/Fethiye area? Thanks Lynda
  3. B

    Emergency facilities in Turkey for Asthma sufferers?

    Hi, My partner and i are hoping to travel to the Lycian / Turquoise Coast next week but have some concerns regarding my partners Asthma. if we would needed to call an ambulance, where would be the best hospital to be closest to. We initially had hoped to go to kalkan but i understand that the...
  4. S

    Spa Facilities

    Does anyone know if any of the hotels allow use of their spa facilities to non-residents?
  5. J

    Pool /Bar facilities

    We are spending our holiday at Ozlem Kent , does anyone know of anywhere in the vicinity that we can use Swimmiing pool / Bar facilities ?
  6. Z

    complex staff using complex facilities

    Hi, just need to get some thoughts and some feedback on the following... on the complex where we own we are lucky enough to have a small bar, it is a small complex but it does get very busy during the summer months, the barman regularly has his girlfriend down everyday [and that includes kissing...
  7. J

    Internet and Printing Facilities - Dalyan

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if there is an Internet Cafe /Internet Access with printing facilities in Dalyan? We will be over on holiday shortly and are required to reprint our airline tickets if there are any changes to them prior to travel. As much as I am looking forward to my visit, I don't...
  8. I

    Sporting Facilities

    Bearing in mind the age groups of Forum members.....Has anyone explored the provision of alternative sporting facilities such as all weather bowling greens or golf driving ranges. Our particular complex in Olive Village is providing a football pitch which, during the hot Summer periods, I can`t...
  9. D

    Dalyan facilities

    Is their a public launderette in Dalyan?
  10. N

    Facilities in Akbuk

    We are coming to Akbuk on 30th July 2007 for 3 weeks to stay at our new property in Olive Gardens. Can anyone give me any information about facilities there. We came in October when we bought property. At that time it was exceptionally quiet because late in season. Just wondering how busy or not...
  11. mavi

    does anyone know of storage facilities in Turkey

    we are moving over in about 8 weeks, and bringing lots of stuff! we are going into husbands cousins house till we get ours sorted so I need to use storage facilities in Turkey for our stuff. Either Izmir, Aydin, or Altinkum areas are best thanks in advance M
  12. F

    Medical facilities Kalkan

    Am planning on retiring to Kalkan next year (have an apartment on Kalamar Road) but my partner has been receiving treatment from a specialist neurologist for many years which involves injections every 3-4 months. Whilst I realise that Kalkan has medical facilities I fee sure they do not extend...
  13. Marc

    I want a Property Management company to provide me with the following facilities...

    I decided to start this up as I am just about to start renting out my villa to get it to start paying for itself (covering its costs would be a starting point). I am going to speak to Crescent Homes when I get over there at the begining of October about them looking after my Villa. I guess the...
  14. E

    Shared use of Apartment facilities....

    Hi thanks for your reply Just wondering if anyone can help We bought appartment in marmaris and we share with 8 other people we sent friends out for holiday this month and they were told by the builder and his wife to get out our pool to let you understand the builder owns the nursery oppsite...
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