1. D

    Banned from Facebook

    I've just received a 30 day Ban, for something I posted way back in Sept., 2017. It wasn't Rude or Racist, actually it wasn't even Funny. F. F. S. Zuckerberg get a Grip. (Rant Over).
  2. TLF Admin

    Question Personal Communication apps WhatsApp Signal Telegram

    Recently there was a lot of coverage in the media of WhatsApp's change of privacy policies that prompted many to look for alternatives. Did that prompt you to change, was it temporary or permanent? I have all three mentioned above as I find some people have moved away from WhatsApp while...
  3. TLF Admin

    Turkey probes Facebook's move to collect WhatsApp data

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) - The Turkish Competition Board said on Monday it launched an investigation into WhatsApp and its owner Facebook Inc after the messaging app asked users to agree to let Facebook collect user data including phone numbers and locations. In a written statement, the Competition...
  4. immac

    Facebook Rejects Turkish Order

    Turkish government demanded that social media sites, like Facebook, set up offices in Turkey that will be accountable if the law is broken. The threat is that if they do not comply, their ability to operate in turkey will be throttled by denial of bandwidth. Today, Facebook has said it will not...
  5. D

    Facebook translation

    About a week ago, the button allowing translations of posts was removed. Going through the settings showed everything was correct. Facebook's own help site is as much use as a chocolate fire guard, numerous people complaining about the same thing, but if you click on answers it brings you to...
  6. D

    FaceBook Bans..??

    Be warned that FaceBook are seriously clamping down. This following Joke incurred me a 7 day ban. Personally, I think they are now getting very petty and too P.C. "I keep getting spam emails offering me Penis Enlargements and Diet Supplements. Someone knows far too much about me".. Your...
  7. Harem


    Maybe not the right place, but is anybody else having a problem getting facebook this evening? I'm in Fethiye by the way.
  8. S

    Facebook whatsapp and instagram glitch

    They are all experiencing photo glitches. Causing problems uploading seeing photos etc. Seems to be world wide. They are working on it.
  9. K

    Facebook privacy.

    After all the fuss about harvesting information on private individuals from FB accounts and the feeble efforts to convince FB users that their information privacy is important, I wonder how they, and all FB users, will react to this new app on sale...
  10. ted j


    Just wondering if anyone can help me with this I have a facebook account , Kath tried to access it this morning on her ipad which asked for the password After googling answers I updated the ipad and tried again , it keeps saying i am supplying the wrong password ,even though I logged out...
  11. juco

    Help with facebook

    I rarely use it however I put something for sale on my local community, I got 2 responses which I replied to, when I replied will they automatically be informed that I have replied, as I have not received any reply back. I am not bothered if they have decided not to respond but would like to...
  12. 3

    Facebook & co

    With all this going on over Facebook & recently seeing the EUs proposal to tax these companies ie Facebook, Google etc involving billions in tax revenues. I wonder what would happen if the Yanks shut those companies down for a month? Would we all be in lumber?
  13. Harem

    facebook freezing computer

    I am on Windows 7 and using Mozilla Firefox as my browser and for some unknown reason facebook freezes my computer. Has anybody else had this happen and, if so, can you tell me what can I do about it?
  14. A89

    Facebook down???

    Is anyone elses facebook down? I can get the mobile app up on phones etc but not on laptop. alison
  15. C

    TLF like facebook?

    The content of TLF seems to have rapidly declined recently. It is rare that a thread has been started without some people slinging insults at other people. Some people seem to mis-read the posts and then resort to the usual insults. I remember when TLF was an interesting forum with many...
  16. D

    New Dalyan group set up in Facebook

    There is a new private group accessed via Facebook called The New Dalyan Area Exchange, which is an informative group to exchange ideas, and buy, sell and swap, pet-sitting etc. This has been set up with the blessing of Lorraine Thomas after the sad and sudden passing away of her sister...
  17. Spurs


    So what is it a media outlet or a social platform? Strange that its only now with the turmoil in Europe & the EU under threat that FB is coming under scrutiny when for years terrorists have been using it. Personally I have never used it to read the news. German minister says Facebook should be...
  18. Harem

    Facebook crashed?

    Anybody else having problems this morning? Facebook suddenly crashed!
  19. Yalides

    Adblocker for facebook

    Anyone using facebook notice than annoying ads are now getting through ? Seems like facebook is circumventing Adblocker. I have even noticed a few getting through on TLF which have to be individually blocked per visit....
  20. J

    Facebook Problems??

    Anybody else having facebook problems? Mine went down late last night and still the same this morning. Dont know if it is my computer or if there has been a clamp down again??
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