1. O

    Fabric Mosaics - a Patchwork Exhibition in Selçuk

    We would like to invite you all to the opening of our Patchwork Exhibition in Selçuk tomorrow (Monday 9th June) evening at 18:30. Even if you can't make the opening party, the Exhibition will be running from the evening of June 9th through to 4th July. The exhibition is on the 3rd floor of the...
  2. meyavilla

    Fabric shops

    Hi All Could anyone please tell me if there are any good fabric shops in and around the Bodrum area. There used to be a good one in Bodrum itself but has now closed down. Many thanks Tracy
  3. Jaycey

    Preventing fabric stains

    We’ve just taken delivery of a new fabric covered lounge suite. How do you protect fabric from stains? A friend has suggested using a silicon aerosol – has anybody ever tried this or any other ideas please? Thanks
  4. yalimart

    Fabric dye

    anyone know where we can buy fabric dye in Yalikavak ? Or even on the Bodrum peninsula. A product called dylon or similar is what I am advised we want. martin
  5. val2661

    Dylon fabric dye????

    Can anyone tell me if you can buy Dylon type fabric dye for washing machines in Turkey. The sun has faded some of my stuff and I'd like to have a go at dying them back to original colour. If you can buy it where from and what's it called please. Val
  6. yalimart

    Weed Control Fabric

    Hi there Just been thinking about my garden and how best to keep it easy in my absence !! is Weed Control Fabric/Landscaping Fabric readily available. I have visted Koctas many times as well as Onderler and Teksen ( all on the Bodrum Penninsula ) :Flower::Flower::Flower:but have never seen it...
  7. S

    Dressmaking fabric shops in Fethiye?

    Hi. Does anyone know of anywhere in Fethiye that sells dressmaking fabric? I have bought some in the market, but haven't found any shops yet. I am hoping somebody will be able to point me in the right direction!
  8. v6cod

    Landscape Fabric in Ortaca/Dalaman area.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy landscape fabric in the Ortaca/Dalaman area. We were told there was somwhere in Ortaca back in March but failed to find it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. lottie8888

    Fabric :d

    Fabric Hi guys, :crazy: Does anyone know a fabric shop in the Bodrum area :der: the fabric is to make clothes with. Any help would be really great or even if there is someone out there who can make simple tops skirts etc thanks :w00t:
  10. Struggs

    Comfort Creme fabric conditioner

    Free sample http://www.comfortcreme.com/request.asp
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