1. bickern

    Gouged her own eyes out

    Last month we were all horrified to hear about the story of 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart, a young America woman who gouged her own eyes out during a meth-induced hallucination to leave her blind. Now, Kaylee, from Anderson, South Carolina, has spoken with PEOPLE about her experiences with...
  2. F

    Antalya eyes over 10 million tourists in 2017

    Hürriyet Daily NewsLEADING NEWS SOURCE FOR TURKEY AND THE REGION Antalya eyes over 10 million tourists in 2017 If no “negative developments” occur, the Mediterranean resort of Antalya will likely close this year with more than 10 million local and foreign tourists, Antalya Governor Münir...
  3. bal canavar

    With My Eyes Closed

    "With My Eyes Closed” an intriguing look at Istanbul by a New Zealand filmaker Justin Heaney https://vimeo.com/133256792
  4. Helenm150

    Watering eyes

    Have any forum members ever suffered from excessive watering eyes - I mean to the point that it is as if you are crying with tears pouring down your cheeks? It is just mainly my left eye - also eyelids are a little red and swollen eyes are sticky in the morning? :30:
  5. N

    Did my eyes just deceive me?

    Did I just see an advert for Visit England on UK TV featuring Dave Lee Travis? Sure does look like him anyway.
  6. bickern

    First face transplant patient in Turkey opens his eyes

    Uğur Acar, the first person in Turkish history to successfully receive a full face transplant, was taken out of intensive care yesterday and transferred to a normal hospital ward. LOCAL - First face transplant patient opens his eyes With all the discussion going on about healthcare at the...

    Laser eyes

    Can anyone recommend a good clinic/hospital that performs laser eye treatment in Istanbul and any idea on cost. Thanks in advance.
  8. Esther Mofet

    Eyes Of Didim Complex Gaurd Dog + Pet Shot Dead

    I visited the Eyes Of Didim Complex the other day to visit my good freind Margaret. Whilst there having tea I spotted the local herdsman chase the Eyes Of Didim Complex dog and shoot it dead. It was translated to me that the dog had attacked and killed one of his lambs. So little I could do or...
  9. perfect1949

    ouch enough to bring tears to your eyes

    Man with a ring stuck on his penis had to be cut free by 10 firefighters | Metro.co.uk . dave
  10. shirleyanntr

    through the eyes of a child

    İ have a little neighbour who helps her father in his shop. She is just eleven years old.İve been teaching her English and she really is quick Her older sister has a boutique and so in the summer holidays she has been in her fathers shop and her sisters and has met lot of different tourists...
  11. arrian

    What makes a great actor/actress in your eyes?

    Elizabeth Taylors death this week had me thinking that there are very few 'great actors and actresses left, now. i can't really think of any of todays that stand out. George Clooney may be mentioned, but like many of his era they seem to have the same persona in everything they are in! Burt...
  12. Esther Mofet

    Golden beach Complex and Eyes Of Didim Complex

    Would all buyers on Golden beach Complex and Eyes Of Didim Complex please get in touch with Nicholl Worthe who is a senior Daily Mail Newspaper. She is very willing to listen to all effected in this filthy scam we all find ourselves in and will be doing a peice for the News Of The World...
  13. arrian

    eyes: dangerous new craze!

    i found this quite frightening! Young people 'drinking' neat vodka through their EYE for a quick buzz | Mail Online
  14. S

    Bodrum Eyes German Tourists

    This from Hurriyet Daily News Turkish resort town of Bodrum eyes German tourists - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review. Get your towels ready for the sun beds!!
  15. L

    sore eyes...........

    This is a bit trivial really but does anybody out there know of a brand of mascara and eye shadow, here in Altinkum/Didim that is an anti allergy type one ? I have problems with "normal" eye makeup & end up looking as if I've been crying for hours............. so now I don't wear any obviously...
  16. arrian

    arrians eyes..latest

    arrians eyes golden girls, got major, major problem with eyes. don't know how serious.will let you know when i can. daughter doing this for me, i can,t read posts so won't be on for a while.
  17. ceemac

    Cyprus conflict closes leaders' eyes to water shortage

    Water has been rapidly disappearing in Cyprus since the 1970s, but conflict between Turkish and Greek communities means fixing the problem is not high on the political agenda. The BBC's Alex Bell finds that Cypriots are now struggling for control of land that is slowly dying. Here C
  18. carolk

    Eyes of Didim complex seized!

    It is my understanding that this complex (Eyes of Didim) built by Didim Design Group has been seized by the courts and will be auctioned to pay creditors, with over 32 buyers affected. Anyone know anything about it?
  19. R

    New Eyes

    I bought some new specs last October after noticing my vision was not what it should be.Eye Test first and then off to the Optician with my precription.One week later, new specs ---great vision well pleased.About three months ago realised that vision was no longer great.Went to a different...
  20. Joe in Tasucu

    Steam gets in your eyes.

    Whilst in Istanbul recently our nieces took us to smoke nargiles. I asked how come they weren't banned by the smoking ban. The girls pointed out that there was a kind of sprinkler system in the ceiling that were spurting out steam at regular intervals. They said this got round the ban. Does...
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