1. bickern

    Latest Ege Eye

    Kusadasi Newspaper https://theegeeye.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/issue178mini.pdf or others https://theegeeye.com/category/download-our-newspaper/
  2. M

    laser eye treatment in Turkey

    Looking for current recommendations for corrective laser eye treatment. I live near Bodrum but i am willing to travel.
  3. bickern

    An eye for an eye

    Some may not agree with this, some may think it barbaric, but in this particular case I am sat here with feelings of well done. I hope the guy really suffers in life until the day he dies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ An Iranian thug has been...
  4. M

    Eye Operations

    "Went to the eye clinic yesterday. More doom! Whilst the cataract took well, it seems now that there is a major problem with a membrane growing across hubby's retina! Has to be removed. Then they say they will deal with the wrinkling of the retina behind this. The operation sounds lovely! Local...
  5. bickern

    A lot more than meets the eye

    Worth watching until the end.
  6. Freedom 49

    Birds' Eye View of Side.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke5sAjwjpeU We've invested in a new toy at the office here and Cengiz has been out getting the hang of it. It's a Quadcopter and he's managed to take it up to about 450mts, and bring it down and get it back to the office all in one piece! Amazing. The main...
  7. immac

    Fethiye - Eye Test?

    Where is the best place for having my eyes tested in Fethiye? Not for having specs made, but the test itself. Ian p.s I use Cem for glasses and would recommend them to anyone, but heard not such good things about the place nearby where they take you for tests (not part of their business)
  8. Sunny Seasider

    Eye Floaters

    I went to see an Eye Specialist yesterday with the appearance of eye floaters arriving 10 days ago. I was given a thorough (behind the eye) examination, and yes the Consultant could see the little things. Basically the gell surrounding the retina has contracted and is the cause along with...
  9. E

    Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal) in Turkey

    Hi Has anyone had this done if so what are the costs please' Thanks
  10. beyazbayan

    Eye treatment

    Now Hubble implants could save 600,000 from becoming blind: Mini telescope comprising of two lenses treats age-related macular degeneration. At the present very little treatment available so hopefully a move in the right drection.
  11. A

    Laser eye surgery around Altinkum?

    Could anyone tell me if there is any place in Altinkum that does laser eye surgey or in surrounding area thanks.
  12. E

    Refractive Lens Replacement in Turkey?

    Good day everyone. Just a question for those who may have had experience. I guess its an age thing but my eye sight isn't what it used too be and having gone for a consultation I have an option of eye surgery or more specifically reflective lens replacement. My knowledge of the Turkish health...
  13. B

    Lost gold turkish eye necklace

    I know this is a long shot, but worth a try! I have lost my gold Turkish Eye Necklace, in the shape of a heart. I believe I lost it in either Sultinaye Hot Springs or the Hammam in Dalaman. Please if anyone can speak Turkish telephone these places for me, and ask if they have found it,please...
  14. C

    Eye test........... Double take

    My wife and I went for an eye test last week, went in together and was handed both prescriptions after the tests. Went to the Opticans, chose our new glasses and told they would be ready today. Went to collect them today, my wife tried hers on, blimey they are strong, can't see anything out...
  15. Duke

    Eye Laser & Minor Plastic surgery

    Hi Folks even though Ive posted a lot over the years Ive never mastered starting a New Topic so forgive me if this is the wrong place ... Maybe a Moderator can move it to a suitable place???? A very good friend of mine a lady who will be 50 years old in May wants to get her eyes Lasered & the...
  16. A

    Eye Check Up?

    Does anyone know where I can get my eyes checked out in Side or Manavgat and get a good pair of glasses? I know there are lots of opticians about but I need a proper eye check up - and hopefully someone who speaks English - thanks -
  17. Fuzzy

    Eye test question

    Is it cheaper to have your eyes tested and buy glasses here in Turkey or in the U.K. ??? Many Thanks....
  18. bickern

    Canadian Eye Candy - REMARKABLEā€

    A video of Alberta, Canada. Scenery is awesome in what is as close to 3D without wearing special glasses. Shot on location throughout Alberta. This features some of the breathtaking landscapes and authentic experiences from across the province (remember to breathe) Alberta - Travel Alberta -...
  19. N

    PLASTIC SURGERY in fethiye such as laser eye surgery

    now that I have got rid of the stresses of uk life need to get some repairs done lol:flame::36le: I saw an eye surgery place advertised on the front of land of light 2 weeks ago anyone actually had any cosmetic surgery done be brave l iam also looking for a cosmetic dentist too PM me if you...
  20. A&P

    Laser eye surgery in Bodrum?

    Hi all. We are visiting Bodrum in May/June for a holiday and are seeking advice on (long sighted) laser eye surgery performed in the Bodrum area. Does anyone know of any clincs/hospitals which provide this ? Any info about the service, price and contact details would be brill. Thanks!
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