1. bickern

    Extreme Body Modification

    Do these people need psychiatric help or what? All the more important is should the people that do this to others be prosecuted? 16 Unbelievable Examples Of Extreme Body Modification
  2. Lillylilly

    And you thought Mrs Bobbits revenge was extreme!!

    'I saved my honour': Mother shot and decapitated rapist who made her pregnant and then dumped his head in village square | Mail Online Good for her - lets hope she dont get put in prison!!!
  3. bickern

    Extreme Idiots

    Part 1 Extreme Idiots Compilation - YouTube Part 2
  4. S

    EXTREME!!!! Ipad fan!!

    Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney For iPhone - Yahoo! News
  5. KKOB

    That's A Bit Extreme !

    An Egyptian man chopped off his own penis because he didn't agree with his parents choice of bride for him! Man chops off his penis
  6. millilove76

    Renault Clio Symbol Extreme

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are selling our car as we now need a bigger one (an unexpected baby means we need more car seats!). We bought the car from new in April 2008. Silver colour, 1.4 litre engine, ABS,alloy wheels, drivers air bag,remote central locking, power steering, air con, mp3 and cd...
  7. bobthenob

    extreme phobias

    [/URL][/IMG] These are the creatures l have a fear of back in my younger days during my adventurous activities in Canada when l was only knee high.
  8. B

    extreme makeover

    i have just watched extreme makeover on tele[:0] would love to have it done looks awful but who cares enybody offers me one and i would be there like a shot.[:p] when you get older the body and face change but inside you still feel young.vanity i suppose[:I] eny plastic surgins on the forum want...
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