1. Spurs

    Extradition to Iraq

    Its now being stated that on return to the UK from Iraq, we will struggle to monitor these jihadists. Perhaps we should start talks on extraditing these people back there to face Iraq's justice. BBC News - 'Not possible' to monitor all UK Syria fighters
  2. Spurs

    US Extradition

    Has anyone noticed how it now seems to be getting a regular occurrence? I seem to remember the laws being altered in order that America could deal with terrorists (we bottled it). There's a list of appeals going on & the Brits are getting remanded in custody. I hope they show the same courtesy...
  3. Carolyn

    Ex Pat Benefit Cheats face Extradition

    There may be a few bums tightening up over the cornflakes this morning. Expat benefit cheats enjoying 'fun in the sun' funded by the British taxpayer face extradition back to UK | Mail Online
  4. B

    Extradition of Snowden?????

    BBC News - Kerry warns of Snowden consequences for Russia and China I reckon that there could be some diplomatic falling out as a result of this case. Bill.
  5. giglets

    Britain finally says No to US extradition.

    About bleedin time. BBC News - Gary McKinnon's mother 'overwhelmed' as extradition blocked
  6. M

    extradition from turkey to the uk

    does anyone know what the law is regarding someone getting extradited from turkey to the uk please.
  7. Lemonhead

    Polanski Extradition

    Swiss Reject U.S. Request to Extradite Polanski There's never a shortage of opinions and suggestions about abuse of children in Muslim (or non-Christian) countries. So why should this one be acceptable, tolerable, or even forgiveable? No doubt his celebrity status and money has a bit to do...
  8. M

    Dutchess of York facing possible EXTRADITION!!!

    Turkey asks UK cops to quiz Duchess of York | The Sun |News|Royals What are peoples views on this?????
  9. B


    Having read Kadin,s report on North Cyprus which was very informative, got me thinking that whilst I knew we do not have an extradition treaty with Northern Cyprus, but is there one for Turkey with the U.K[?]
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