1. immac

    Bi-Fold Doors (external) Turkey

    I am planning to change my balcony sliding door for a bi-fold system. Anyone done this in Turkey? Best and worst systems and suppliers? I am being asked to look at a newer system where the panes are separate and slide and park/stack to one side - not sure what it is called - any opinions? Ian
  2. D

    Preservative for wood external door

    Please does anyone know of a preservative stain for external woodwork, in my case a depot door, available in Turkey. I'm looking for something on the lines of Ronseal Woodl Total Preservative, which protects against rot and also wood worm, but does not seem to be available in Turkey. I want...
  3. Jaycey

    External hard drives

    OK you geeks, please don’t laugh at this silly question... I back up all my data to a 2TB external drive. Now these drives evidently have a limited lifespan so I make a habit of powering it off when not in use. Am I kidding myself that this will make the drive last longer? Is the disk still...
  4. A

    External Insulation of Turkish Property?

    I recently asked for an estimate to paint the outside of my apartment,the painter told me that from 2017 I would need to have external insulation fitted to the property ,this applied to all properties built before 2011,can anyone throw any light on this subject
  5. hayabusa

    External Painting - Toparlar, nr Koycegiz. Mugla

    Can anyone recommend a good painter/ decorator in Toparlar, nr.Koycegiz ?.....Its about 20min drive from Dalaman.
  6. W

    Elyafli sutut + marble + external painting

    would welcome any advice re this product. Have been recommended its use to put on my external open terrace walls to help counter adverse weather. Is it any good and is it applied after painting or before painting? also many owners on our site are having marble put on the top of their walls to...
  7. Sirinyergirl

    Help! External hard drive with valuable data giving problems

    My external hard drive won't let me gain access to my data. I've just come over from Afghanistan for some personal business and I'm heading back there again tomorrow. I brought my HD with me and it was my intention to back-up the data whilst I was here - but I can't. I don't know what's...
  8. maggie

    External dvd/cd writer.

    Right you geeks me being a twonk again I need help.PLEASE. I have a cd writer on my tower but I have bought an external dvd / cd writer. Ive installed it complete with Nero essentials disc that came with it. Im now trying to burn a film I have downloaded on my computer.I cant seem to do it I...
  9. D

    External Doors

    Hi All, Can any of our good members give me any help in locating a company that sells external timber doors and door frames in the Bodrum area. I have looked in Koctas, Tekzen, but could not see any. It is for a job I need to do next year, so there is no hurry as yet. I am in Gumusluk, so...
  10. V

    External Paint

    Hi Everyone, Can anybody recommend a really good quality external paint to use on a villa - I have heard that with cheap quality paints they need a recoat every couple of years but with better quality ones they only need recoating every five years.
  11. mavi

    external webcam help please

    I am looking for any help or advice on setting up a live webcam, external one... I havent got a clue and dont want to end up being suckered into sales pitch thanks in advance..
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