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    exterior painting

    If anybody has knowledge of a proven painter/decorator within the Didim/Akbuk area who can do a good professional job , who uses appropriate exterior paint materials and who doesnt take the mickey re price - then I would greatly appreciate you giving me his contact details. Many thanks.
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    Exterior doors

    After successful threads in the past, once again i have decided to ask for information . I need to replace an exterior door on my roof terrace and was wondering what sort of price i would expect to pay to have it supplied and fitted. UPVC, half glazed. Many thanks .
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    Exterior cedar wood treatment/varnish

    Our cedar wood windows are starting to look in a poor state. Can anyone recommend a good varnish that will last even in the heat?
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    exterior concrete path paint

    Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a good quality exterior concrete path paint for the paths around our villa in Akbuk. Thanks Biljack
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    Exterior painting of complex

    Just thought all of you who are back in the UK/Ireland,or elsewhere,that the apt complex has now been completed re the painting of the exterior. Regards, Alan & Mari apt B8
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    Exterior Painting

    Hi everybody, Just to let you know that the painters have arrived. The scaffolding has now been erected from the side of our block nearest to the security office along the front of the building to the other end where the main gate is, i.e. E and F. Just thought you would all like the good...
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    Exterior Paint

    Hi,Can anyone recommend whats the best paint for white exterior walls just ive noticed ours is flaking after 1 year. Thanks J
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    Exterior Masonary Paint

    Can any one recomend a good quality exterior paint for our villa in Kalkan Thanks
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