1. P

    Exporting furniture from Turkey to the UK

    Hello everyone, Can anyone advice if it's possible to buy furniture (bedroom sets, sofas etc for person use) in Turkey and have it delivered to an address the UK? How practical is this? Any recommendations re:shipping companies that deal with everything until delivery to an address in the UK...
  2. G

    Exporting a motorcycle from Turkey

    First things first, thanks for having me in the forum. After 5 years of living here, I've actually joined now I'm leaving Turkey, but I was hoping the good people here could help me, as I couldn't find the answer on here or google. I have a motorcycle which I'm looking to take with me, either...
  3. Yani

    Exporting Turkish car

    Please can anyone either direct me to a thread or offer advice on exporting my Turkish Fiat to the UK. I cannot sell it as I do not have my Ikamet. I had an Ikamet when I bought it, but after the hassle and expense of arranging health insurance, last year, we are now running on the 90 day rule...
  4. K

    How to get started in the Import/Export Business in Turkey

    I am a young Turkish-American born and raised in the US who really would love to move to Turkey. Does anyone know what kind of products that are made in Turkey that can be bought at local bazaars which can be shipped and sold to the USA for large profits. Will I be able to earn a profit from...
  5. C

    exporting bike

    hi does anybody know how to go about sending my motorbike to the uk and the costs its on a mc plate thank you:smile:
  6. G

    Exporting Furniture from Turkey to the UK

    Hi all............ well it was an eventful year for me last year and this year is turning out to be no exception to the rules! After shipping my horse and furniture out to Turkey, arriving in Turkey getting burgled, broken hearted, and returning home, it appears that I have now been fleeced...
  7. T

    Exporting ?

    We are in the process of moving to the UK. We're not taking much with us but a few boxes (6) and a couple of suitcases full of clothes, books, pretty much all personal items. The total weight is 135 kg, which means we're not going to be able to carry everything on a plane with us. We've tried...
  8. D

    Exporting a turkish car to the uk

    İ am looking for costings and details about exporting my turkish car to the uk.-its a rare classic and a uk buyer wants it.---i know cenk was involved in this type of work but i cant seem to find him on here!
  9. D

    Exporting a turkish vehicle to the uk

    Hi all, I want to take my Turkish car back to the UK and believe that I can re-register it there. Does anyone know if I have to notify the Turlish authorities before I go and if so, who? cheers, Dora.
  10. D

    can you keep 'pounding or exporting a vehicle?

    from what i have read on here it is only possible to 'exile' a vehcle once for six months and then the turkish customs wont let it back in the 2nd time-is that right? Also are the tariffs on parking in the 'pound' standard or variable around turkey?(how do you find out prices?)
  11. S

    Exporting Household goods

    Hi Everyone, Despite having lived in Yalikavak for over a year I am new to the forum, so Merhaba! I am planning to move to Brisbane Australia at the end of January and I will need to ship our household contents there from Yalikavak near Bodrum. We have looked into international movers based in...
  12. jaimie

    exporting books

    Hi I wonder if any of you know the best, most reliable, and cheapest method to export books from the UK to Turkey, and how to do it. I have a load of my own books (over 200) that I want to bring to my house in Turkey, but to be honest looking briefly on here and on the web in general it seems a...
  13. Andywebb

    Exporting grasshoppers to Europe

    This story appears in todays Turkish Daily News. Europeans will buy anything these days. Hopefully he has them under tight control in his Antalya farm Exporting grasshoppers to Europe Selami Gökgöl, a Turkish businessman, invested YTL 350,000 in a grasshopper farm in Kurşunlu Village...
  14. merlin

    Weighing up the Cost of Exporting....

    This thread is really aimed at anyone specifically moving over here permanently but could also under some circumstances I guess, apply to someone furnishing their 2nd home here too. In Turkey premium brand white goods and electronic equipment are heavily inflated in price. As an example, I...
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