1. K

    Export car from Turkey to the USA

    Hello, Looking for insight on whether I can do this and how expensive it would be. I live in the United States and found a classic car for sale in Turkey that I can't get in the US (but I do know with certain that I'm allowed to import it here). Can I purchase the car from the US? I've heard...
  2. G

    Motorbike export from Turkey to Georgia

    Hello.. I've searched the forum about common case but i couldn't find anything. I would like to know if I can buy a motorbike (100cc) from Turkey and export it in the Republic of Georgia. I will enter Turkey with a tourist visa. Thank you in advance for your replies!
  3. Mushtaq

    Export a Grandma abroad - Watch out old people!

    Exporting Grandma to care homes abroad Sending elderly relatives to a care home can be a tough and emotional decision. But is booking a one-way flight to a destination 8,000 miles away a step too far? Sybille Wiedmer lives in Zurich and is packing her suitcase for a trip to Thailand. But this...
  4. G

    Purchase car in Izmir and immediately export

    Hi, I'm a foreginer and do not have a residency permit. I've read numerous info stating that a foreigner must have a residency permit to buy a vehicle in Turkey. I will be visiting Turkey in a few weeks and want to buy a specific vehicle and immediately export the vehicle via sea container...
  5. D

    Import Export TURKEY - UK

    After reading a few of the horror stories on here about freight I thought you'd all want to know about Daily Groupage Services Ltd, they deal with freight to and from Turkey They are Brilliant, Helpful and CONTACTABLE Company that will deal with your Import or Export from and to Turkey to UK...
  6. D


    can you export goods like individual items of clothing to the uk without customs stopping the goods from bieng exported!? please help i dont want to chane it and i cant find any way of finding out so im hoping someone already does this!?!
  7. R

    Can you import your Turkish registered car to the EC

    Does anyone know if you can take your Turkish registered car out of Turkey and into the EC for an indefinite period and what this entails
  8. D

    Personal export scheme from the uk

    My wife is turkish and not resident in the uk so from what i read we can use the personal export scheme for vat exemption for buying a motorbike from a dealer in the uk and exporting it in her name.--Has anyone experience or knowledge of how it 'affects' the Turkish side of things?
  9. M

    English Speaking Vet around Fethiye?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good english speaking vet in the Fethiye area? Also looking for the vet to have knowledge on exporting pets out of Turkey, a vet that can do all the proper paperwork. thanks Megan
  10. B

    Export to Bosnia

    Selam alejkum, i am writing from Saraj-Bosna and need your help. My wish is to import some things from Turkey to Bosna (i have in my mind those beautiful lamps, ceramic, bags....) but i realy dont have anyone in Turkey to give me information where to go and from whom to buy all of this, of...
  11. millilove76

    Food export

    Hi i was just wondering if any members can advise me on what food products i can bring from Turkey to the UK. I cant find any decent olives and was hoping to being a few kilos back on my next visit. I've been told i cant bring honey back by a friend...is this true? Really just wanted Honey...
  12. R

    export market stuff

    hi all I'm hoping you can help with an idea for a college assignment I am trying to research. In summary - I have been given example business case studies I choose from, and then I have to write up how to finance them. One example is an export/import business. I've chose that one as I...
  13. merlin

    Denim Export Increases: $705m in 6 Months...

    The Turkish denim sector is almost leading the world export economy. Turkey is exporting its own brands like Mavi Jeans, Little Big, Collins, Loft and Cross Jeans to world markets. It even sells jean to the jeans’ motherland, the US. According to data from the Turkish Textile and Raw Materials...
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