1. bal canavar

    Russian Metro Explosions

    St Petersburg metro explosions: 10 dead and 20 injured after after bombs filled with shrapnel explode on Russian subway system Horrific images from the scene at Sennaya Ploshchad station show bloodied commuters lay on a platform St Petersburg metro explosions: At least 10 dead after blast on...
  2. teosgirl

    Explosions at Brussels Airport

    Two Loud Explosions Heard At Brussels Airport Looks like a terror attack... Charlotte
  3. D

    EXPLOSIONS in Istanbul.

    https://t.co/0WYDnSSYVb Explosions heard in several districts of Istanbul.
  4. John O' Dreams

    More Explosions in Gaza

    Following more Israeli attacks, there have been a number of explosions in Gaza, including one on a sports stadium. The explosions were mentioned as an aside on news reports today, which led with reports of an explosion on a bus in Tel Aviv - in which there were no fatalities.
  5. spitfire

    3 Explosions in marmaris

    Just hearing that 10 Britons have been injured in 3 explosions in Marmaris. No more information at the moment but I hope it's not too serious Allan
  6. PhilCo

    Turkey bomb explosions injure 13

    At least 13 people have been injured in two bomb explosions in southern Turkey, police have said. The first blast occurred near a bank in the city of Adana. It was followed by a second explosion several minutes later at a nearby construction site. Among the injured were bank employees...
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