1. K

    Trekking, camping and exploring Aegean part of Turkey with English speaking groups

    Who is in?🕺
  2. suzyq

    Beyond the poppy fields: Exploring Afyonkarahisar

    Might be a place worth visiting Beyond the poppy fields: Exploring Afyonkarahisar
  3. C

    Exploring Fethiye (Geographically and Socially)

    Just arrived in Fethiye. If anyone knows of a get-together this week, please let me know. I'll be exploring the area intensively, and putting some human faces on its map makes a totally difference experience. Where exactly should I go, and when, to get a sense of the expat community here...
  4. ceemac

    Exploring the other Istanbul

    Article by Adrian Mourby in the travel section of the London Evening Standard. 'We arrived in Istanbul late at night, transferring from the airport by boat. Traffic jams here are a nightmare these days. We made much better speed chugging along the Bosphorus in our hotel's polished wooden...
  5. VWBug

    Exploring Turkey’s Mediterranean coast

    The southern coast of Turkey from west to east begins with a series of bays, clear blue water, interesting rock formations and sandy beaches. A number of resorts and hotels have been built there in recent years, but some care has been taken to not over build, or at least not yet. Starting from...
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